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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] introduce "[DISCUSS]" threads for podling non-ASF release candidates
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 22:00:26 GMT

> Allow the VOTE thread to be only on the dev@ list with 0 or 1 mentor vote required. As
long as the DISCLAIMER exists then the pooling release is good.
> Once completed the podling sends the vote thread to general@ with [REVIEW] (or [DISCUSS]).
This allows the IPMC to review and comment on how close the release is to being a fully proper
Apache Release. The podling can more easily take smaller increments while continuing development
as they did before Incubation as well as how they will do it once they graduate.
> Graduation requirements don’t change.
> Thoughts?

I think there are some issues with this and not sure how they all can be addressed:
- The level of IPMC reviews of releases is likely to go down. Are mentors going to do something
at the same level of effort (vote on releases) if it’s optional (review releases)? Similarly
with non IPMC members.
- With reduced attentions It’s more likely that issues go unnoticed in releases (until graduation
- Visible progress may be harder for the IPMC to see.
- It's possible that more releases will be needed to be done before they are are in line with
ASF releases and some podlings will take longer to graduate.
- If it does take longer to graduate it likely that some podlings will have less mentor attention
towards the end.
- Moving "getting it right" just before graduation could cause a couple of issues:
  a) Things are not fixed until the last minute. It’s just human nature if it doesn’t
need to be done right away it's often put off. In that case can the IPMC tell that a podling
is ready to graduate?
  a) Issues are found by the IPMC when a project has asked to graduate and they may be rejected
and worse case go through several cycles of trying to graduate.
  b) Mentors may not be around as much at this time too help.
- it's not known if the current DISCLAIMER is enough to cover us (we can ask legal)
- It's not know if INFRA will allow distribution of artefacts with serious issues in large
numbers on ASF infrastructure (we can ask)

If we do do this, rather than change all podlings over to this method, it may be best to do
this an experiment (small reversible steps) and see if some podlings would like to try things
way and see how it goes. I assume Zipkin may be willing to be one of those. The only issue
being the length of the experiment, it will be a few years before we know the outcome.

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