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From Adrian Cole <>
Subject the case of the maven wrapper
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 04:55:20 GMT
I suspect this has gone around in some incarnations, but I wanted to
bring the topic to the front.

One of the main problems solved in Gradle was environment consistency
through "wrapper scripts". Wrappers lock the version of the tool and
incidental dependencies in order to stabilize the build. This approach
was backported to Maven, and the more popular wrapper seems to be by

As binaries are not allowed in source repos, the maven wrapper
introduces a small java source file which bootstraps the tool. This
has Apache license headers on it. Many apache projects use this, but
I'm not going to mention them specifically as I don't want to cause
them work.

As a part of Zipkin's first attempt to vote a release on the general
list, Justin lightly dinged the maven wrapper file, asking for it to
be in the NOTICE box. While this is possibly a reasonably ask, it is
ironic as its presence was to avoid another ding (jar inclusion).

While we can add some text like "the maven wrapper is also licensed to
apache", I'm concerned about cruft in the NOTICE. It feels we are just
adding things to it and as an end user, I'm not sure how this would
add clarity. Even if it did, I'm concerned that we are jumping to a
enforcement remediation when no-one seems to be doing it at all.

I would like to feel things like this are thought through, that
multiple people agree to enforce something even if it can reasonably
be thought as required. It feels like this has either not been
discussed or not applied.. possibly some just sacrifice users by
excluding the wrapper, maybe only to avoid having to add cruft to
their NOTICE files.. who knows.

TL;DR; is can people please discuss this and chime in? I would feel
better about the incubator process if not just code was a community
process, but also enforcement policies.

If more than one person says.. yeah you totally should blurb this..
and those people themselves use the wrapper and are willing to update
their own NOTICE files.. the incubator would feel like a more fair
place than it feels today.


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