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From Matteo Merli <>
Subject Re: Tying Dockerhub into development and release management
Date Fri, 08 Feb 2019 21:48:02 GMT
On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 3:41 PM Justin Mclean <> wrote:
> Hi,
> > If projects want to make convenience binaries available for installation
> > via Docker and DockerHub, then it seems like we need an official Apache
> > DockerHub repository. Do we have one of those, or are folks just publishing
> > to personal repos?
> A quick look shows HTTP, Maven, Tomcat, Casandra, Solr, Groovy and a number of other
Apache TLP using docker hub. Well they may be it’s hard to know who is publishing them.
> All are using Apache branding and most are marked as "Docker Official Images” [1]
> None seem to be publishing nightly there but there are binary versions of released source
code in all these projects.
> I can also see ignite [2] published under an apache ignite account and pulsar [2] under
an apache pulsar account and nutch [3] published under an apache account.
> Pulsar is publishing RCs and looks like it was doing so during incubation :-(
> 4.

Just a quick clarification. We have the push to DockerHub as part of the steps
performed by the release manager *after* the release is approved (in
the incubator
phase, that was after IIPMC approval). The images are simply a
repackaged version
of the official release binary tgz.

Regarding RCs tag, the only one published there was
"2.0.0-rc1-incubating" and the
reason was that this was the name of the official release (Because of
the jump from
1.x to 2.x, we wanted to communicate the stability to expect from that release).

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> 2.
> 3.
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