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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Welcome Wagon
Date Mon, 25 Feb 2019 19:48:04 GMT
Hi -

There has been mentions about lack of documentation, not being able to find documentation,
not being responsible for a policy, and not including the rationale for a policy.

This morning I remembered something that happened some 49 years ago when I was a child and
we moved to the suburbs of Chicago. A nice lady came over to the house from a group that called
themselves the “Welcome Wagon”. She provided goodies and all kinds of information about
both the local subdivision and the village.

I wonder if this is something that the Incubator could help build and disseminate?

An Incubator Welcome Wagon could be a Guide of Guides and include introductory information

(0) Onboarding
(1) Community Development
(2) Infrastructure and Builds
(3) Legal Policy
(4) Release Policy
(5) Press
(6) Foundation Structure

This information would come from the definitive committee and the mentors and podlings could
provide feedback to the appropriate committees.

I think something like this would help the Incubator and Mentors be more facilitator and less

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