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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Zipkin Brave Karaf (Incubating) version 0.1.2
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 05:07:58 GMT

> Again, this seems a site of unique enforcement with questionable
> clarity as a result. You seem to want us to add a statement saying
> that this code came from the Takari maven plugin and/or to investigate
> their CLA process.

Um no I want you to respect the license and headers of 3rd party code. I don’t know where
that code came from, perhaps if you told me we could work out how best to deal with it. You
seem to have confirmed it’s comes from a a 3rd party and not the ASF so it seems unlikely
it should have an ASF header on it.

> The general feedback is that we are being asked to do things of
> questionable value

If you think that not complying with ASF licensing policy is of questionable value I can’t
help you.

>  Meanwhile graduated projects do not fall under this more
> strict regime and the types of enforcement are certainly more strict.

If a graduated project is found to not be complying with licensing policy they will be asked
to comply, hopefully they will notice and fix it themselves before that but sometimes things
slip between the cracks. And yes I have asked TLPs to fix things e.g. With Apache Spark as
a number of incubator projects were copying what they were doing and it was not in line with
license policy and they fixed it. Copying what TLPs do without understanding why things are
done that way often causes incubating projects issues.

I also agree it would be good for other IPMC member to add their thoughts as well.

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