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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Incubator release votes
Date Tue, 26 Feb 2019 14:50:45 GMT
Hmmm ... this is really odd ...

On the one side we have lengthy discussions about non-mentors from resisting to interfere,
but on the other hand podlings are begging for such "interference".
Guess there are always two sides of the discussion.

And I have to admit that for a short time I was hesitating, if I should check the Daffodil
release as doing it would have been exactly what others were complaining about.
I decided to do it nevertheless ... 

I could imagine that the heat and discussions recently could definitely make others hesitate
to do so in the future and the problem of not being able to release could increase as a result
of this.


´╗┐Am 26.02.19, 14:43 schrieb "David P Grove" <>:

    Craig Russell <> wrote on 02/25/2019 09:15:56 PM:
    > To me, the biggest issue with incubating releases has been lack of
    > engagement by mentors for release voting. Many examples from history
    > have podlings begging for someone, anyone, to review a release that
    > has already received review in the podling dev list but has failed
    > to attract three +1 votes from Incubator PMC members.
    > This is really sad, because in most of these cases the mentors have
    > not voted. And so it fell to the rest of the IPMC members to pay
    > attention enough to take time to vote.
    Or in the case of the current OpenWhisk podling voting thread [1], our only
    mentor has already voted +1, but after a week we still need two more IPMC
    votes to be able to proceed.
    Please help

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