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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: the case of the maven wrapper
Date Thu, 14 Feb 2019 06:26:24 GMT

> Takari is an Apache licensed codebase. My understanding is that there is a requirement
to include it in the NOTICE.txt file.

You may wish to note that in LICENSE [1]  But content will only go in NOTICE if it has it
has it’s own NOTICE file. [1]

> Furthermore, Takari contains no copyright. Is this of concern?

It may not contain a copyright statement but copyright exist all the same and that owner isn’t
going to be the ASF. You could always ask them to add one as the appendix of the ASF licens
e asks to do [2] Note that that header contains a copyright statement unlike the one use for
code developed at the ASF.

> One of the tings I've noticed is that the vetos on a podling's first release can be a
bit harsh.

A -1 on a release is not a veto. A release can still pass if it gets 3 +1 votes. However in
this case because of the jar in a source release it’s unlikely IMO to get 3 +1 IPMC votes.

> On releases I would rather see such vetos replaced with comments that are feedback, while
still obvious that they are an issue that is expected to be fixed by the next release (and
before graduation).

If the issue are minor I do that, see the Doris votes from today (and countless other examples)
but there are a few things like compiled code in a release or category X licensed content
in a release that I’ve always voted -1 on in the 300 or so releases I’ve voted on.

> If it's something that's not being strictly adhered to by graduate projects, it would
make a world of difference to podlings if they saw everyone was getting pulled up on the violation.

The incubator has no remit over TLPs, their PMCs should know enough to catch these sort of
issues and fix them themselves. Where issues have been noticed and are causing podlings confusion
the IPMC has asked for them to be fixed, but all we can do is ask.

> This would add some burden to the Incubator.

I doubt the board will allow the incubator to do this, if you see an issue at a TLP you can
alway ask them to fix it al well.


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