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From Gris Cuevas <>
Subject Re: Establishing an ASF project for training
Date Thu, 03 Jan 2019 22:32:11 GMT

Hi Everyone, 

This is a fantastic idea and we'd love to contribute! Personally, I think it makes more sense
to have this to be a central offering of the ASF instead of a project. The reason is that
having a central service would help permeate the values and belief of the ASF to the projects.
If we have this as an independent project we might lose the connection to the foundation as
a parent. That been said, I'd love to help shape a proposal to the board if this is still
under consideration. 

I'm interested in developing a training about the Apache Way for two audiences: 
a) Teams wanting to implement the Apache Way to open source their technology (new projects)

b) New contributors/committers to an Apache project 

My employer (Google) is betting heavily in helping our technical teams contributing to Apache
projects to become good open source citizens, and as part of this effort we're organizing
an internal Summit with the following sessions: 

a. The economics of Open Source (why we bet in open source technology)
b. Introduction to the Apache Way 
    - Focusing on best practices & citizenship
c. Understanding individual participation and representing a company
d. Community Management 
e. Project Management in Open Source Projects 

Personally, I'm a true believer that creating resources for new community members is key to
grow and sustain any online community, so I'd love to help make this a resource we share with
all projects, this is an opportunity to build a solid common ground that unifies the way companies
and individuals get to become part of the ASF. 

How could I help?

On 2018/12/18 09:06:44, Bertrand Delacretaz <> wrote: 
> On Mon, Dec 17, 2018 at 8:24 PM Lars Francke <> wrote:
> >...I believe we can probably hash out most details on
> > the list as well?..
> Yes, that's how we work ;-)
> -Bertrand
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