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From Daniel Gruno <>
Subject [IPMC] What to do with retired podling repositories
Date Sun, 13 Jan 2019 09:14:50 GMT
Hello IPMC and other folks,

We have a big bunch of retired podlings with git repositories on 
git-wip-us. As we are working on retiring this service, we need to 
address what happens with these old project repositories.

The retired podlings we need to address are:
blur, cmda, concerted, corinthia, cotton, gearpump, gossip, hdt, horn, 
htrace, iota, mrql, openaz, pirk, provisionr, quickstep, ripple, s4, 
slider, wave

Before February 7th, we at ASF Infra, would love if the incubator could 
decide what happens to these repositories, either individually or as a 

Some suggested options are:

1) delete the repositories
2) rename them to incubator-retired-$foo.git
3) Do nothing, but put a note on github etc that they retired.
4) punt it to the attic if possible (you'd have to coordinate with the 
Attic PMC then)
5) Something else??

Please talk among yourselves and let Infra know :)

With regards,
Daniel on behalf of ASF Infra.

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