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From Don Bowman <>
Subject Re: script, GPL, container question
Date Sat, 26 Jan 2019 16:03:06 GMT
On Fri, 25 Jan 2019 at 21:00, Gian Merlino <> wrote:

> I did some looking around and found this:
> It seems that the
> Apache
> Infra folks will set up DockerHub configs for projects like us, in such a
> way that they build automatically off release tags. So it does seem pretty
> easy; it looks like once we have a working Dockerfile we just need to raise
> an INFRA ticket to get them to set that up.
> > how do i drive to consensus on the mysql thing?
> One way is try to encourage more people to chime in here (you are already
> doing this by writing emails). Another is to reach out and ask the
> Incubator PMC (email or Apache Legal (raise
> a
> LEGAL ticket in JIRA) for advice. I would probably go for the Incubator PMC
> first, since the audience is a bit larger and this may have come up before.
OK I've added that email to the thread. I don't know what INFRA or JIRA are.

The question is: "We want to release druid as a docker image. The docker
image will be based on Linux, and thus have GPL code in it which is not
part of the druid project. In addition, we want to pull a file from the
Maven repository (mysql-connector-java). A request was raised in the Pull
Request #6896 <> to
veriify this. The people that raised the concerns don't have specifics,
just a general question as to if this is allowed."

The specifics are to use as the base container
(Apache license overall (ref github
<>), containing GPL
components e.g. busybox), and run this command:

RUN wget -O

Note that druid does not function without GPL code since its start scripts
use bash.

I believe this is 'mere aggregation' under the GPL.

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