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From Craig Russell <>
Subject Re: Feedback requested: New committer invitation template
Date Tue, 01 Jan 2019 00:59:23 GMT
Hi Daniel,

The work you did here is indeed excellent. The only trouble I have with it is that most people
cannot use a mouse or trackball or touch pad to create a signature that looks anything like
their signature. [This is the same issue I have with voting machines that verify voters' signatures
against touch pad/mouse signatures.]

That said, I have no issue if you would like to update the official web page with instructions
on how to use this tool.

If you can update the tool to allow the user to sign electronically (and to upload their public
key) it will get my enthusiastic support.



> On Dec 30, 2018, at 10:24 AM, Daniel Gruno <> wrote:
> On 12/30/18 6:41 PM, Matt Sicker wrote:
>> I like this template suggestion. It may also be helpful to note that the
>> Apache ids must be letters and numbers only as some people request special
>> characters in their ids.
> Not to toot my own horn too much, but we also have which simplifies
the print-type-sign-scan-email routine for Apache ICLAs (and does verify that user ID is both
available and matches our syntax). Could be an idea to point to that for easy ICLA work :)
>> On Sun, Dec 30, 2018 at 09:24, Craig Russell <> wrote:
>>> Hi Hugo,
>>> The intent is for the PMC member sending the invitation to do the check
>>> before sending the mail and edit the mail so the candidate only sees the
>>> appropriate option.
>>> I'll try to make this more clear in the instructions on the page that
>>> contains the sample email. [I originally had three different sample emails
>>> but they were all the same except for the paragraph B.]
>>> Thanks for the feedback.
>>> Craig
>>>> On Dec 29, 2018, at 9:32 PM, Hugo Louro <> wrote:
>>>> Hi Craig,
>>>> +1 for the overall proposal. There is only one thing that I would like
>>> to clarify. Do you plan to have a custom email for each of the three cases
>>> (already have an Apache id, already filed an ICLA, and have not filed an
>>> ICLA), and research ahead of time to which case the person applies, or have
>>> an email that covers all the cases. If the later, my suggestion is that the
>>> email should clearly direct the recipient to choose specifically the case
>>> that applies to her/himself. I mean, have written something along the
>>> lines: If you already have an Apache is, follow these instructions, if
>>> already filed an ICLA follow these other instructions, otherwise follow
>>> this instead.
>>>> Thanks,
>>>> Hugo
>>>>> On Dec 29, 2018, at 3:29 PM, Craig Russell <>
>>> wrote:
>>>>> Hi,
>>>>> In order to simplify the process of granting new committers write
>>> access to a project's repository, I'd like to propose a change in the
>>> invitation letter sent to candidates after the PMC has voted to accept them
>>> as committers.
>>>>> The original is at
>>>>> It does not distinguish among these three cases: already have an Apache
>>> id, already filed an ICLA, and have not filed an ICLA. There are many cases
>>> where unnecessary work is done because of improper guidance.
>>>>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>>>>> To:
>>>>> Cc: private@[PROJECT]
>>>>> Subject: Invitation to become [PROJECT] committer: Joe Bloggs
>>>>> Hello [invitee name],
>>>>> The [Project] Project Management Committee] (PMC)
>>>>> hereby offers you committer privileges to the project
>>>>> [as well as membership in the PMC]. These privileges are
>>>>> offered on the understanding that you'll use them
>>>>> reasonably and with common sense. We like to work on trust
>>>>> rather than unnecessary constraints.
>>>>> Being a committer enables you to more easily make
>>>>> changes without needing to go through the patch
>>>>> submission process. [Being a PMC member enables you
>>>>> to guide the direction of the project.]
>>>>> Being a committer does not require you to
>>>>> participate any more than you already do. It does
>>>>> tend to make one even more committed.  You will
>>>>> probably find that you spend more time here.
>>>>> Of course, you can decline and instead remain as a
>>>>> contributor, participating as you do now.
>>>>> A. This personal invitation is a chance for you to
>>>>> accept or decline in private.  Either way, please
>>>>> let us know in reply to the []
>>>>> address only.
>>>>> [check]
>>>>> [B. If you accept, since you already have an Apache id,
>>>>> the PMC will grant you write access to the repository.
>>>>> ]
>>>>> [check]
>>>>> [B. If you accept, since you already have an iCLA on file,
>>>>> the PMC will request an Apache id for you. In your response,
>>>>> please choose an id that is not already in use. See
>>>>> ]
>>>>> [B. If you accept, the next step is to register an iCLA:
>>>>>   1. Details of the iCLA and the forms are found
>>>>>   through this link:
>>>>>   2. Instructions for its completion and return to
>>>>>   the Secretary of the ASF are found at
>>>>>   Do not submit ICLAs to anyone but secretary, but
>>>>>   please do cc: []
>>>>>   3. When you transmit the completed iCLA, request
>>>>>   to notify the Apache [Project] and choose a
>>>>>   unique Apache id. Look to see if your preferred
>>>>>   id is already taken at
>>>>>   This will allow the Secretary to notify the PMC
>>>>>   when your iCLA has been recorded.
>>>>> ]
>>>>> When your reply to this invitation is received, you will
>>>>> receive a follow-up message with the next steps for
>>>>> establishing you as a committer.
>>>>> Craig L Russell
>>>>> Secretary, Apache Software Foundation
>>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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>>>>> For additional commands, e-mail:
>>>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
>>>> To unsubscribe, e-mail:
>>>> For additional commands, e-mail:
>>> Craig L Russell
>>> Secretary, Apache Software Foundation
>>> <> <
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Craig L Russell
Secretary, Apache Software Foundation <> <>

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