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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject IPMC Board report - missing podling reports for DLab, Marvin-AI and Pinot
Date Thu, 06 Dec 2018 22:29:10 GMT

3 podlings have failed to report on time and will be asked to report next month. They are
Dlab, Marvin-AI and Pinot.

If the mentors of these projects would be so kind to make the following happen it would be
a) That the PPMC  is encouraged to discuss the report (preferable on-list) ahead of the deadline.
b) That all the PPMC members are signed up to the dev and private lists and so see the report
reminders or email about late reports.
c) That the PPMC is aware that it is their responsibility to create and submit the report.
d) Someone responds to the report reminders so it's known it’s been worked on.
e) That the next report now due in a month is submitted before the deadline.

A good indication of mentor inactivity is not submitting reports in on time, and while missing
one is not a big deal but if several in a row are missed it a good indication that the podling
probably needs new mentors. Podlings if you mentors are not helping you (and I’ve not looked
to see if they are) please bring this up on the the general@ incubator list and we’ll try
to help.

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