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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Re: Feedback requested: New committer invitation template
Date Sun, 30 Dec 2018 02:11:08 GMT
Hi Craig,

This is the perfect new guidance.

(1) I think that similar process needs to be used by Incubator Mentors for Initial PPMC Members.

(2) I assume you will send to pmcs@ once the new guidance is confirmed. I don’t have specific
edits in mind, but others no doubt may.

(I wonder if writing this email can be automated on whimsy roster pages?)

Best Regards,

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> On Dec 29, 2018, at 4:47 PM, Tony Kurc <> wrote:
> Craig,
> This looks great. I'm definitely +1.  I assume in terms of process, we can
> just start doing this right away, or is there some community process that
> needs to take place?
> Thanks, Tony
>> On Sat, Dec 29, 2018, 6:29 PM Craig Russell < wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In order to simplify the process of granting new committers write access
>> to a project's repository, I'd like to propose a change in the invitation
>> letter sent to candidates after the PMC has voted to accept them as
>> committers.
>> The original is at
>> It does not distinguish among these three cases: already have an Apache
>> id, already filed an ICLA, and have not filed an ICLA. There are many cases
>> where unnecessary work is done because of improper guidance.
>> ------------------------------------------------------------
>> To:
>> Cc: private@[PROJECT]
>> Subject: Invitation to become [PROJECT] committer: Joe Bloggs
>> Hello [invitee name],
>> The [Project] Project Management Committee] (PMC)
>> hereby offers you committer privileges to the project
>> [as well as membership in the PMC]. These privileges are
>> offered on the understanding that you'll use them
>> reasonably and with common sense. We like to work on trust
>> rather than unnecessary constraints.
>> Being a committer enables you to more easily make
>> changes without needing to go through the patch
>> submission process. [Being a PMC member enables you
>> to guide the direction of the project.]
>> Being a committer does not require you to
>> participate any more than you already do. It does
>> tend to make one even more committed.  You will
>> probably find that you spend more time here.
>> Of course, you can decline and instead remain as a
>> contributor, participating as you do now.
>> A. This personal invitation is a chance for you to
>> accept or decline in private.  Either way, please
>> let us know in reply to the []
>> address only.
>> [check]
>> [B. If you accept, since you already have an Apache id,
>> the PMC will grant you write access to the repository.
>> ]
>> [check]
>> [B. If you accept, since you already have an iCLA on file,
>> the PMC will request an Apache id for you. In your response,
>> please choose an id that is not already in use. See
>> ]
>> [B. If you accept, the next step is to register an iCLA:
>>    1. Details of the iCLA and the forms are found
>>    through this link:
>>    2. Instructions for its completion and return to
>>    the Secretary of the ASF are found at
>>    Do not submit ICLAs to anyone but secretary, but
>>    please do cc: []
>>    3. When you transmit the completed iCLA, request
>>    to notify the Apache [Project] and choose a
>>    unique Apache id. Look to see if your preferred
>>    id is already taken at
>>    This will allow the Secretary to notify the PMC
>>    when your iCLA has been recorded.
>> ]
>> When your reply to this invitation is received, you will
>> receive a follow-up message with the next steps for
>> establishing you as a committer.
>> Craig L Russell
>> Secretary, Apache Software Foundation
>> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
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