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From Sheng Wu <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Changing requirements for IPMC
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 09:43:38 GMT
Hi Justin

Very interesting proposal. And I like it, also willing to request for that :)

>From my experience, several projects have invited me or involved me in, such as Zipkin(Incubating)
and IoTDB(In Incubator discussion). But because I can't be podling project mentor, based on
Apache member rule you mentioned, I just show up as a contributor. If I could be the mentor
for these projects, will be great.

Anyway, glad to see we have new option to solve `not enough mentor` issue.

Thanks Justin.

Sheng Wu
Apache SkyWalking

On 2018/11/06 08:20:18, Justin Mclean <> wrote: 
> Hi,
> I looked at the board resolution for the creation of the IPMC [1] and it says nothing
about how IPMC members should be added so from that I take it that the IPMC can decide how
it wants to do that.
> Currently the IPMC can vote people in (which is not so common) or an ASF member can request
it. I’m not sure where the ASF member requirement came from and wasn’t able to find the
discussion about this on the incubator list. (If anyone knows please point me to it.)
> In theory an ASF member should have the knowledge and skills to mentor a project, however
I also think those who have gone through the incubating process, have voted on releases and
proposed or accepted new committers and PMC members probably know just as much even if they
are not ASF members. They may not have as much experience but shovel at least know the basics.
> Now identifying everyone who has done this would not be be easy to determine and the
Venn diagram of them and people who want to be mentors is probably small (but still significant
in numbers).
> So I propose this:
> If someone has done several of the following:
> - has been involved in an incubating project from start to finish
> - has been a release manager
> - has assembled LICENSE and NOTICE files
> - has reviewed and voted on releases
> - has proposed or accepted committers/PPMC members
> Then they can ask the IPMC to join to IPMC by sending an email to private@ listing what
they have been involved in. The IPMC would VOTE on them, and there’s a chance they could
be rejected, but given it’s a private vote I don’t think any harm is done if that happens.
Also people could nominate other people who fit into this above group.
> I’d like to see this used for people who are wanting to be mentors, rather than just
having binding votes on releases. I don’t have an issue with the later (and I think the
IPMC currently does a decent job of catching any issues with releases they come their way),
but that’s what I’m trying to solve with this proposal. i.e. We currently need more mentors
and will need even more as ASF scales up.
> The subject line is actually a lie. All this really changes is that people can bring
themselves or be brought to the attention of the IPMC, rather than having the IPMC actively
trying to find people from graduated projects who then may or may not want to be IPMC members.
> We could start this off as an experiment. and take the first few people who request it,
and see how it goes with more experienced mentors observing and/ or helping them.
> What do people and the IPMC think of this proposal? Good idea or not? Could it work with
some modifications? Is it not needed at all?
> Thanks,
> Justin
> 1.
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