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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: How widely read is the incubator report?
Date Sat, 03 Nov 2018 11:00:41 GMT
Justin Mclean wrote on 11/2/18 6:38 PM:
> Hi,
> I would guess goes that PPMC that report for that month may read it or possibly only
check their bit? 

I read the entire report every month.  Then again, I'm a director so I'm
supposed to.  8-)  I'd bet most PPMC members never read the report as
submitted; only look at their own part of the report.

> Quite often issues that affect one podling apply to/help other podlings but they don’t
seem to be aware of it despite it appearing in the report several times. It seems to me that
having each podling PMC read each monthly report could be of benefit to them and that it might
be a good idea to it to all email it to all PPMC each month? What do others think?

Sending the whole report to all podlings monthly is overbearing.  It
would do them good to read the other reports (both for comments as well
as how reports are written), but that's putting a bunch of burden on new
community members at Apache, and they'll likely wholly ignore it.

One thing that feels useful would be a post-board meeting meta-summary,
kind of like Phil now does as Chairman.  Phil has taken part of the
Chairman's report and made it about common issues between projects, or
even just which projects wrote great reports and why.  Something like
that is hard to produce - extra work for our few IPMC report organizing
volunteers - but could be high-impact since it's short enough with
focused commentary that PPMCs might read and learn from it.

Definitely a good idea you have in some way!


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

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