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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Changing requirements for IPMC
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 12:27:23 GMT
Great ideas, thanks Justin!

Justin Mclean wrote on 11/6/18 3:20 AM:
> Hi,
> I looked at the board resolution for the creation of the IPMC [1] and it says nothing
about how IPMC members should be added so from that I take it that the IPMC can decide how
it wants to do that.

The IPMC is a PMC just like any other PMC.  How the PMC decides to
choose new PMC members to recommend for a board ACK is up to the PMC, as
long as it's documented clearly.

> Currently the IPMC can vote people in (which is not so common) or an ASF member can request
it. I’m not sure where the ASF member requirement came from and wasn’t able to find the
discussion about this on the incubator list. (If anyone knows please point me to it.)

IMO the "ASF Members can request recommendation without vote" is because
of two factors: experience and oversight.  We (hope) Members have the
skills as you note as well.  Separately, since the IPMC is overseeing a
wide range of communities with an eye to inviting them to become an
official Apache project, we should allow Members to formally join the
IPMC to help oversee this process, since

> Then they can ask the IPMC to join to IPMC by sending an email to private@ listing what
they have been involved in. The IPMC would VOTE on them, and there’s a chance they could
be rejected, but given it’s a private vote I don’t think any harm is done if that happens.
Also people could nominate other people who fit into this above group.

+1, having a clear criteria as you list (to ensure it's people who
really have productively helped, and not just people status-seeking) and
an explicit call to "this is how you can *ask* to get voted into the
IPMC" is a great idea.  I agree, we definitely need a larger pool of
mentors for podlings, and helping committed non-Members be able to do
this is a great thing.


- Shane
  Director & Member
  The Apache Software Foundation

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