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From "Vincent S Hou" <>
Subject Re: licenses and copyrights of dependencies
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2018 15:56:45 GMT
Hi Jonas,

I totally understand your situation right now, because I have just gone through the release
process for my project Apache OpenWhisk as well.

Regarding whether you should add the copyright, to me, it depends on the source code release
or the binary release.
If you only care about the source code release, you can only focus on the "SOURCE CODE". For
example, if one or some of your SOURCE CODE come from another library with a certain copyright,
you should add it into your LICENSE file. If your code depends on jar or any other packages
shipped by other parties, you do not need to add their copyright into your LICENSE, because
your source code release do not and should not include any jar or packages. You can document
somewhere that these jars or packages are dependencies to run your code.

If you come to binary release, and all the dependencies play a role in order to compile your
source code, you need to have the LICENSE file with all the copyright for the dependencies.

In a nutshell, source code release is relatively easier to edit your LICENSE, but binary release
may be a hassle. 

For folks with different comments, welcome to chime in.

Best wishes.
Vincent Hou (侯胜博)

Advisory Software Engineer, OpenWhisk Contributor, Open Technology, IBM Cloud

Notes ID: Vincent S Hou/Raleigh/IBM, E-mail:,
Phone: +1(919)254-7182
Address: 4205 S Miami Blvd (Cornwallis Drive), Durham, NC 27703, United States

-----"Jonas Pfefferle" <> wrote: -----
To: "" <>
From: "Jonas Pfefferle" <>
Date: 11/07/2018 07:35AM
Subject: licenses and copyrights of dependencies

Hi all,

We are just preparing a new release and are wondering how and what is 
required for licenses and copyrights of components shipped with an artifact. 
According to the release 

we need to include licenses of all components shipped in an artifact. The 
example just appends all licenses to the LICENSE file including the 
copyrights. Is the copyright required? Shouldn't the copyright be appended 
to the NOTICE file instead?

Also we found that some artifacts have contradicting or missing licenses 
e.g. in the pom of one artifact a BSD clause 2 license is mentioned but no 
LICENSE files are shipped in the jars, however the source contains a BSD 
clause 3 license.


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