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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: Restarting an IPMC?
Date Tue, 06 Nov 2018 08:53:35 GMT
Well I guess then I'll simply step up as third mentor on Edgent. 
Do I formally have to do anything for this?


Am 06.11.18, 09:26 schrieb "Justin Mclean" <>:

    Good to see that the honest (stark even) podling report got several people expressing
interest in the project.
    >  1.  Is there anyone here on this list, willing to contribute as Committer/PPMC or
even as Mentor?
    I’m happy to continue as a mentor, the project currently has 2 mentors. If no one steps
up, you Chris as a recent IPMC member could be a mentor. Or is that a bit too weird?
    >  2.  Is it possible to sort of reset a podling IPMC and start with a new set of people?
    The existing PPMC would need to vote new people in, I think you have enough active PPMC
members (just) to do that.
    >  3.  Should we retire, continue outside and come back as soon as we have a new little
    That is also an option for the PPM to consider.
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