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From Josh Elser <>
Subject [VOTE] Ratis-thirdparty 0.1.0rc1
Date Mon, 05 Nov 2018 19:09:46 GMT

Please vote on the following release candidate to become Apache Ratis
Thirdparty 0.1.0.

You may find the PPMC VOTE thread at,

with the RESULT at

I'm including my IPMC-binding vote. +1


The Apache Ratis Thirdparty project is a collection of all thirdparty
dependencies that Apache Ratis uses, repackaged for optimal use by
Ratis. As such, there is very little net-new source code in this project.

The source release is present at

SHA512 checksum is on the source tarball: 2B11B643 836E367E C47D0F64 
7750E1AB DE2C3FDE ECF2C825 5F8292FA D4CF2DB4 04BEB4B6
  12173754 4C6ACEEE B8534964 C6A4B690 EA9656E2 CAFDB317 FAAB46BA

This source release was created from the Git commit SHA1:
896f7b3453e155df96b8ef62b85aa0b92c37d886. For your convenience, there
is also a GPG-signed tag with the name "ratis-thirdparty-0.1.0rc1" that
also points at this commit.

This source release was signed with my key: 4677D66C. This is present
in the KEYS file (dist/dev and dist/release).

The corresponding "binaries" for this release are staged at and
will be promoted pending successful PPMC and IPMC votes. You can
update your local ~/.m2/settings.xml to add this as a repository to
test the build of ratis.git if you choose (appears to work fine for me).

This vote will be open for at least 72hours (until 2018/11/08 19:00:00

- Josh

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