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From Dave Fisher <>
Subject Graduation Resolutions Should Not Include Project Bylaws Clause
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2018 16:36:52 GMT
Hi -

Pulsar is currently discussing a graduation proposal and Taylor noticed the following that
came out of the whimsy boilerplate.

> Quick question:
>> RESOLVED, that the initial Apache Pulsar PMC be and hereby is tasked
>> with the creation of a set of bylaws intended to encourage open
>> development and increased participation in the Apache Pulsar Project;
>> and be it further
> Does the Pulsar PPMC feel the need to adopt bylaws (it’s not required), or are the
Apache defaults acceptable?
> One option is to simply not have bylaws, which means you would simply adhere to [1] and
[2], and put any clarifications in a contributors’ guide (which you’ve done).
> -Taylor
> [1] <>
> [2] <>
I think that this clause needs to be removed from the template.


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