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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Email to be sent to inactive mentors
Date Wed, 19 Sep 2018 21:04:00 GMT

So we’ve over the 50% mark, so those who has responded a number have indicated that they
will put more effort into mentoring and stay on, 7 people so far will continue as mentors,
19 have asked to step down.

We had every one of the gearpump mentors ask to step down, but given the project is voting
on retiring nothing needs to be done.

I’ll wait another week, but I’m guessing we’ll not get many more responses. The next
step I think is to contact each of the podlings where mentors haven’t responded and tell
them the situation i.e your mentor seems to be missing, and we can’t seem to contact them,
and see if they respond. We can wait another week or two and then just remove them if we get
no response, they can ask to be re-added if need be. Anyone have any other ideas?

One thing in common seems it be the length of time in the incubator vs how active mentors
are. I’ll put together a graph to see if there any correlation. It does seem to make sense
that over a longer period (2 years +) it more likely that a mentor will change jobs, move/build
a hours, have children (all reasons mentor's gave for being inactive btw) or perhaps just
loose interest and no longer be able to mentor a podling.

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