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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Draft incubator report for September
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2018 04:24:32 GMT

I’ve not posted the draft incubator report to this list the last couple of times I created
it and that’s been amiss of me.

There is still a large number of outstanding podling reports so please get those in.

Here’s my current draft text of the front part of the report. Does anyone have anything
to add or any suggested corrections?

Incubator PMC report for September 2018

The Apache Incubator is the entry path into the ASF for projects and
codebases wishing to become part of the Foundation's efforts.

There are presently 53 podlings incubating. During the month of August,
podlings executed 8 distinct releases and there are several ongoing votes 
on releases for September. Some long standing release votes were resolved.  We 
added three new IPMC members.

Serval podlings are heading towards graduation. We had one project, Gossip, 
retire to the attic.

There were no IP clearances.

A number of podlings (X) that didn't report has decreased and Pony Mail has 
finally reported.

Discussion continues about with to do about missing mentors and some actions 
should be taken in the next month including contacting mentors and asking if 
they still want to continue in the role. This may result in a number of mentors 
needed to be replaced, and currently it is not known what mentor capacity the 
IPMC has. We've had a number of members join the IPMC to mentor projects this 
month which is encouraging. Given the low levels of activity on some projects 
(as indicated by sign off rates and a sampling of email list activity) this is 
a serious issue for the IPMC.

There's also been discussion on some podlings spending too long in incubation 
and hopefully that will lead to a few more graduations and retirements in the 
near future.

Changes have been suggested to the podling report and incubator proposal 
template that should help in small ways with the above situations.

A podling, Superset, has been making releases not in line with the Apache 
release policy. I've asked the podling to correct this and it's mentors to help 
out. The podling has been almost 2 years in incubation and has made a large 
number of "unofficial" releases (50+).

* Community

  New IPMC members:
  - Andriy Redko
  - Christofer Dutz
  - William Colen

  People who left the IPMC:

* New Podlings
  - Zipkin
  - DLab
  - Marvin-AI (being voted on)

* Podlings that failed to report, expected next month


* Graduations

  None this month.

* Releases

  The following releases entered distribution during the month of
  - ServiceComb Chassis 1.0.0
  - ServiceComb Service-Centre 1.0.0
  - Pulsar 2.1.0
  - Echarts 4.1.0
  - Toree 0.2.0
  - Openwhisk CLI 0.9.0
  - Airflow 1.10.0
  - Unomi 1.3.0

* IP Clearance


* Legal / Trademarks

  No issues or discussions.

* Infrastructure

  No issues.

* Miscellaneous

  Gossip podling was retired.
  HAWK graduated to TLP.
  A DRAT prototype can be found here (

* Credits

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