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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Absent mentors
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2018 00:14:21 GMT

> There is a strong presumption here that a mentor is fulfilling their duty if and only
if they sign the reports.

It’s an imperfect metric but one we have easy access to. If we send out an email asking
for if you’re AWOL and a mentor responds that they are active then all is good. Of course
it’s not going to catch mentors who sign reports and do nothing else but I hope there’s
only a few incidences of that.

> I’m skeptical. I can think of cases where an engaged mentor does not sign reports (because
someone else has done it), and vice versa where a disengaged mentor shows up once a quarter
to sign the report.

IMO The reports should be signed off by all mentors where possible not just one or two, that
way the mentor only signing reports (and doing nothing else) is less of an issue.

> It may be a bit more difficult to measure, but I think a better indicator would be the
number of messages sent by the mentor to dev and private lists. It indicates both time spent
writing the message and also time spent keeping up with the email traffic to know when the
podling needs help. 

Given we have 100+ people to check and some of them are involved in multiple projects, that’s
a lot of lists to check but it would be possible. I could put it up in a shared doc and if
other people help out then it wouldn’t be too much effort.

Alternately I could take 10 mentors at random if any of them are active on their mailing lists,
I’m guessing there a strong correlation between not signing off reports and absent mentors.

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