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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Superset releases [was Re: ASF release process]
Date Sun, 02 Sep 2018 03:06:33 GMT

Forwarding from the superset dev list where I was asking them what was going on with their
releases. [5]

> We have yet to come up with our first Apache release. We're having issues
> wrapping our heads around how to come up with our LICENSE file given the
> number of dependencies we have on the Javascript side. Since we package the
> JS bundle along with our Python application, it seems like we'll have to
> come up with either a programmatic way to extract the LICENSE info, or ship
> the application without the JS deps, and provide instruction has to how to
> fetch and build the package deps, which isn't very convenient. We also have
> some minor deps on GPL lib, one of which we need to get clarity as to how
> to to handle them. It's related to the "chardet" sub dependency of the Pypi
> requests library.

Thanks for explaining the situation. If you need help with LICENSE And NOTICE issues you can
always ask on the incubator general list, there’s a number of experienced people who could
help there.

> Clearly we need to come up with a plan for our first Apache release. I'll
> bring this up at the next committer meeting (this upcoming Friday)

I’m not involved in your project and not familiar with how it operates, but "next committer
meeting” rings alarm bells for me. At Apache things are done asynchronously on the mailing
list to allow everyone to participate no mater what time zone they are in and to provide a
permanent archive of all important decisions. I suggest you discuss this on the mailing list.

On your mailing list I see only one mention of a committer meeting and it includes a link
to a private google doc which I cannot view. [3] This is concerning. I note that one of your
mentors also has concerns about these meetings.

Even with the explanation above you still seem to be making releases that are not in line
with ASF policy.  I see 50+ releases here [1] that appear to be ALv2 releases (although they
may not be because of the GPL issue you mention) of an Apache incubating project. [2] At the
very least it need to be made very clear on those pages that these releases are not offical

Can you please include in your upcoming podling report what actions you are going to take
to fix this situation and the expected timeframe in which it will be done. Can the mentors
of the project please help this project be more in line with Apache release policy. As an
incubating project it not expected you get everything right but this would need to be corrected
before graduation to a TLP.

Note that in order to make a release with GPL issues you would most likely need permission
from VP Legal, I know of one occasion where this was granted to a podling on the condition
it was fixed in the next release.

I also note that you have been in the incubator for almost 2 years. I'm sorry but IMO that
should be long enough to sort these types of issues out. From a quick search I can find nothing
on your mailing list that indicates there is effort in fixing this or that it was even a concern.
You have mentioned making an first release in board reports (and there some mentor comments)
but IMO this should of been flagged a long time ago.

 Do other IPMC members have anything to add here? Does anyone think I have misread the situation?


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