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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: Default project guidelines
Date Sun, 16 Sep 2018 22:43:51 GMT

> Thank you for such a short and informative article. I'll definitely link to
> it from Apache Ignite wiki space.
> What do you think about including a link to
>  This page also gives a good
> level of understanding what should and should not a potential committer or
> PMC do.

I was trying to link to other policy rather than guidelines, but that is a good explanation
of the process, it does however suggest that voting is required for new committers (it’s
normally done that way but it’s not mandated). I note it also uses consensual voting (ie
3 +1 votes with no vetos) which is a little unclear if this is the default. This discussion
has come up a few time(s) but the official docs still need to be updated. e.g. [1]

> I've also don't understand how the process of committer removal connected
> with principles:
> - Meritocracy
> - Merit does not expire
> How and when committer may be removed? Is it applicable to TLP projects?

Well hopefully very rarely or not at all, but there been a handful of cases where committer
and PMC members have been removed. The majority of project bylaws / guidelines, created when
a project becomes a TLP, do contain a way for it to happen. Some of them have incorrectly
stated that the PMC can remove PMC members, when only the board can do that. That’s what
started this whole thread.

But I think it is valid question should PMC actually be allowed to remove committers given
merit shouldn’t expire?


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