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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Airflow 1.10.0
Date Tue, 24 Jul 2018 21:23:21 GMT

> On the GPL dependency you mentioned. We are not distributing GPL sources, not in source
or in binary form. This has never been the case.

Which is fine. There are two issues with GPL (Category X software):
- you can’t distribute them [1]
- Can you rely on them [2]

It’s [2] that seem to be the issues here. Optional dependancies on Category X are allowed
but I’m really not sure in this case that it is truly optional.

> As to our solution (for now). Python packages are often installed site-wide and can be
part of the dependencies of other packages. While we maybe could enforce the installation
of the non-GPL API it would/could 1) interfere with other packages on the same system that
do not set this environment variable explicitly. 2) If any the other packages upgrades without
setting this variable it would pull in the GPL API. So we decided that it would be better
to educate the user and make it part of the install instructions.
> We can reconsider, but we cannot solve #1 and #2. Which, in my opinion, would make it
more opaque to the users. 

IMO at the very least user should be informed that this is the case  and loudly and possibly
with a prompt as part of the build and install process so that they understand that what they
are using may not be under the terms of the ALv2 as claimed on the cover.

> Given the current situation is at least improvement over the old situation can you reconsider
your -1 for this release and preferably agree with our approach (or maybe have an improvement
over it)?

I would suggest you reopen the legal JIRA and describe the current situation (like above)
and see if an answer can be found.

Other IPMC member (and you mentors) can vote on this release and if it gets 3 +1’s and more
plus ones than -1s then it’s a release. Remember a -1 vote on a release is not a veto.

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