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From "Li,De(BDG)" <>
Subject Re: Looking for Champion
Date Sat, 09 Jun 2018 06:05:51 GMT
Thanks to Jim's suggestion. We will seriously consider this proposal.
Also, for some of the opinions given by everyone,
the Palo development team will seriously discuss and then give
everyone a unified reply next week.

在 2018/6/9 上午7:41, "Jim Apple" <> 写入:

>> Generally Apache has no rules against multiple projects fulfilling
>> goals or use cases, even when those projects might compete. However I
>> it would be relatively unusual to incubate a project that appears to be
>> derived from a fork of an existing project, at least without first
>> considering whether the additional feature set could be contributed
>>back to
>> the existing community.
>And this is something I'm really excited about. If only the storage system
>part of Palo were contributed to the ASF, and simultaneously the Palo
>community and the Impala community worked together to integrate the query
>engine work of Palo into Impala, then this could provide a lot of benefit
>to users, I think. My hope is that it would eliminate the toil the Palo
>community is engaged in by rebasing Impala changes (as Tim noticed).
>Impala, meanwhile, might benefit from some changes Palo has made, like
>This could be a lot of work, but the current system seems to already
>include quite a lot of inefficiency from the duplication.

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