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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Amaterasu (incubating) 0.2.0 (rc3)
Date Wed, 20 Jun 2018 08:37:23 GMT

> 1. The gradle-wrapper.jar is a part of the standard Gradle project
> structure, and a quick search showed me that that other projects, such as
> Apache Beam do include it in their source releases. Do we need to do
> something specific to have an approval for gradle-wrapper.jar?

You can’t include compiled code in a source release, if you do it doesn’t meet the definition
of open source. There been some discussion on this list on how to handle gradle wrapper in
the past, it’s not nessacy to include the gradle jar. IMO Apache Bean shouldn't be including
jars in their source release, but that’s for them to sort out. There is an unresolved legal
JIRA about this. [4] I'd go with Marks suggestion in that thread unless it gets resolved in
another way.

> 2. we use both PySpark and py4j in our integration tests (which we plan to
> remove in one of our next releases), which account for the majority of the
> files you have specified. Do we need to include a license for every
> sub-component of those, or a general one is enough?

If something is bundled you need to include it’s license and a general license may not be
enough. [1]

For instance if you include bootstrap, you also need to include a license for normalise.css
and the fonts that come along with it. A worked example may help. [2] [3]


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