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From Nick Kew <>
Subject Re: graphviz as a potential apache project
Date Sun, 03 Jun 2018 16:03:04 GMT

> On 3 Jun 2018, at 16:29, wrote:
> Hi All
> I received this request from Stephen so am forwarding to the general incubator mailing
list for discussion and any suggestions for options.

I don't know enough about the project to comment on that.

Just to say, if it's to become an Apache project, I'd expect to see its community
approach our community.  One project individual approaching one ASF individual
is hopefully a one-off, 'cos it's not how projects work at Apache.  Though I expect
Stephen is evaluating an option, which is just fine.

> We are looking for a more stable institutional home for Graphviz.  Apache seems like
> a great match. Is this possible?  How is a decision like that made?  I’m not sure a
> project like this fits the incubator model. Are there other ways?

Many mature projects go through the Incubator.

What discussions have you had within your project community?  Probably the
single most important criterion for you is to have your own community firmly
on board, and not dragging anyone reluctantly along.  Once you have that, you
find someone to champion your project within Apache, and submit a proposal.

Romain wrote:
> Also it will let Graphviz time to handle the license switch.

That's the kind of issue that could be quite big.  If it has a long history under another
license, you may have lots of contributors with a stake in it who would have to agree
to the re-licensing.

Nick Kew
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