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From Steve Lawrence <>
Subject Apache Daffodil (incubating) in need of mentors
Date Thu, 10 May 2018 18:27:32 GMT

The Daffodil project has had a VOTE open for over a month [1], receiving
two votes so far. We would greatly appreciate it if others could review
the release so that can we get our first release out as an Apache incubator.

That said, although our mentors have been incredibly helpful in getting
Daffodil bootstrapped to this point, we think a core issue is that
activity from our mentors has decreased in the past month to a point
where it hinders our progress (we've had minimal response to emails and
neither has voted on this release). Daffodil is already shorthanded with
only 2 mentors, so having and extra mentor or two would provide a great
benefit and help the project move forward.

So, we are asking if anyone would be interested in becoming a mentor to
the Daffodil project. The majority of the bootstrapping work has been
completed, so we think the main focus will be on getting releases
out and building the community. For some background on Daffodil and how
it aligns with Apache, the Daffodil incubation proposal is available here:

and our website is at:

- Steve


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