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From "Tan,Zhongyi" <>
Subject [PROPOSAL] ECharts - proposal for Apache Incubation
Date Fri, 05 Jan 2018 10:00:30 GMT
Hi,  Dear Apache Incubator Community,

Please accept the follow proposal for presentation and discussion:

ECharts is a charting and data visualization library written in JavaScript . 
It has been an open source project on github since 2013, and is one of the 
most popular repositories in topic of data visualization category in github.

Best regards.

Below is the proposal also.

= ECharts Proposal =

=== Abstract ===

ECharts is a charting and data visualization library written in JavaScript.

=== Proposal ===

ECharts provides a powerful, interactive charting and data visualization library 
and framework for web browser, mobile App and backend usage.

=== Background ===

A primary goal of data visualization is to communicate information clearly and 
efficiently via statistical graphics, plots and other graphics.

Numerical data may be presented in dots, lines, or bars, to visually communicate 
a quantitative message. Effective visualization helps users to analyze data .
It makes complex data more readable, understandable.[1]

Now data visualization concerns mainly about presentation and propagation in web, 
ECharts uses JavaScript as its basic programing language. It brings great 
compatibility across multiple platforms, not only in web browsers, but also 
in mobile Apps via embedded web engine or in backend environment via the techniques 
of headless browser.

=== Rationale ===

ECharts encapsulates the underlying data transformation, control flow, visual 
encoding and rendering, receiving the visualization requirements with declarative language,

and produces interactive charts and components. We will highlight the features below to 
illustrate the power that ECharts already has, and our concerns and our visions:

  * User Diversity:
ECharts expects that its users are not only web developers, but also
people with lesser programing skills. So ECharts enables users to
describe data and settings with declarative language, which lowers
the barrier but without losing the power, and benefit to transfer
and store.

  * Configurable Interactions:
ECharts has provided plenty of interactions and aims at providing more.
Both human interactions and the interactions with upper program are
supported and can be configurable.

  * Large Data:
Although the browser environment and JavaScript bring some performance
limits in visualizing large data or performing animations, ECharts have
been adopting various optimization techniques to rise the upper limit
of the amount of data that it can process, and keep improving the
fluency of interactions and animations.

  * Cross-Platform:
The underlying render engine of ECharts can be switched between
HTMLCanvas, SVG, or VML, which provides good compatibility and brings
opportunities to optimize performance according to different platform
and usage scenarios. Besides, ECharts can also works in backend
environment via headless techniques.

ECharts can be created using headless browsers to pregenerate reports on 
more powerful machines for better performance on resource-limited devices

  *Extension and Customization:
ECharts provides extension mechanisms to make new types of chart and components, 
adopt other layout algorithms, or even adopt other render techniques. 
Various developers have contributed different types of extensions based on ECharts.[2]

=== Current Status ===

ECharts has been an open source project on GitHub[3] since 2013.
Currently it has more than 20k stars, more than 50k monthly downloads[4]
in NPM, and is one of the most popular repositories in topic of data
visualization category in GitHub.[5] And it has been used in many
products of Baidu and other companies such as Alibaba, Tencent, Netease,
XinHua News Agency,National Bureau of Statistics of China, Sina,
State Grid Corporation of China, Lenovo, Ctrip etc.

=== Meritocracy ===
The ECharts project already operates on meritocratic principles.
It was originally created by Lin Zhifeng in 2013,adding developers
worldwide and has accepted multiple major patches from a diverse set
of contributors.

We will follow ASF meritocratic principles to encourage more
developers to contribute in this project. We know that only active and
committed developers from a diverse set of backgrounds can make ECharts
a successful project. We are also improving the project documentation
and code to help new developers to get started quickly.

=== Community ===

ECharts has been building an active community for the last four years.
Currently, the community includes over 50 contributors .
The core developers of our project are listed below.

=== Core Developers ===

   * Su Shuang ( )
   * Shen Yi ( )
   * Zhang Wenli ( )
   * Li Deqing (
   * Dong Rui (

=== Alignment ===

ECharts is popular in data visualization and charting on web projects.
And ASF has many famous web projects and big data related projects.
We believe that ASF is a perfect choice to help ECharts project to
attract more developers and have more cooperation with existing projects.

=== Known Risks ===
==== Orphaned products ====
Given the current level of investment in ECharts and the stakeholders
using it - the risk of the project being abandoned is minimal.
Baidu, for example, is in active development to use ECharts in many of
its services and many large corporations including Alibaba, Tencent,
Huawei, Sina, Lenovo use it in their production applications.

==== Inexperience with Open Source ====
ECharts has been an active open source project for more than 4 years.
During that time, the project has attracted 50+ contributors.

==== Homogenous Developers ====
The most of core developers are from Baidu, but after ECharts was open sourced, 
ECharts received a lot of bug fixes and enhancements from other developers not working at
And the founder of ECharts,Lin Zhifeng still contributes a lot after he left Baidu.

=== Reliance on Salaried Developers ===
Although some of the developers are salaried, the project is personally initiated from 
the beginning. The core developers have been dedicated to this project for four years 
and have kept the project independent with developers around the world involved.

=== Relationships with Other Apache Products ===

We have not found an existing charting project in Apache yet. And there is potential 
cooperation with some existing Apache projects big data related.

=== A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ===

Our interests and motivations are based on the factors mentioned in the Rationale 
section rather than the publicity. Furthermore, the brand of ECharts has been successful 
in the past years on their own and we would be happy to keep on this path. We are honored
 at getting the opportunity to join the ASF, with the understanding to ensure its brand 
policies are respected.Also we expect that Apache brand will help to attract more contributors.

=== Documentation ===

[1] Data Visualization:

[2] ECharts Extensions:

[3] ECharts Information:

[4] ECharts in NPM:

[5] GitHub Data Visualization Topic:

=== Initial Source ===

ECharts has been developed since 2013. It currently has an active developer and user community

with a codebase in JavaScript.We currently use Github to maintain our source code and 
track issues at
We need to move our respository to Apache infrastructure.

=== Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ===
ECharts  source code is available under BSD-3 license and owned by Baidu. 
We will work with the committers to get ICLAs signed.
We will provide a Software Grant Agreement from an authorized signer 

=== External Dependencies ===

All The dependencies are released under Apache compatible licenses, including BSD and MIT.

=== Required Resources ===

==== Mailing List: ====
There are currently no mailing lists.
The usual mailing lists are expected to be set up when entering incubation:


==== Git Repositories: ====
Upon entering incubation:
After incubation, we want to move the existing repo from github/ecomfe/echarts to Apache infrastructure.

==== Issue Tracking: ====
ECharts currently uses GitHub to track issues. there are more than 7k issues. 
Would like to continue to do so while we discuss migration possibilities with the ASF Infra

==== URL: ====
Currently the website url is
 It will be moved to to follow incubator conventions.

=== Initial Committers ===
 * Lin Zhifeng (
 * Su Shuang (
 * Shen Yi (
 * Zhang Wenli (
 * Li Deqing (
 * Wang Junting 
 * Dong Rui (
 * Huang Houjin (

=== Sponsors: ===

==== Champion: ====
  * Kevin A. McGrail

==== Mentors: ====
  * Daniel Gruno 
  * John D. Ament

==== Sponsoring Entity ====
We are requesting the Incubator to sponsor this project.

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