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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache NetBeans 9.0 Beta (incubating) rc2
Date Tue, 23 Jan 2018 07:44:41 GMT

> I guess I originally misunderstood the requirements here - I though that
> these only need to be in the top-level of a release (we are not releasing
> the jars separatelly). Should be fairly easy to add those to jars the
> NetBeans build system produces.

It a bit hidden but documented here [1] it more one of those assumed knowledge things. It
certainly help people to know how those jars are licensed. The review of your binary release
would of taken 1/2 the amount time if all of the jar contained their license (and notice)

> ./ide/modules/org-openidex-util.jar
>> - CDDL licensed missing in LICENSE
> Hm, this should be under Apache 2.0 - this is built from "o.openidex.util"
> from the source bundle. Is there something we need to fix so it does not
> appear to be under CDDL?

Well the jar doesn’t contain any license but a google search of the jar name indicated it
was CDDL I could be wrong.

> Apache Felix is using those as well, I think?

They may well do but TLP don’t always get things 100% right (the lucerne NOTICE file for
instance) so IMO we should try and work what is the right hing to do here.

>> - are the copyright lines in NOTICE correct here?
> I don't know, it has been released this way.

If that the case "Copyright 2017 NetBeans” is probably not correct it should be copyright
ASF right? Or are the jars not generated from source in the Apache Netbeans project?

> Ah, I guess the naming may be confusing here - I believe these are standard
> NetBeans artifacts, for certain core stuff NetBeans is using "org.openide"
> package (and module name). Built from openide.compat and openide.dialogs in
> the source bundle, respectively. Is there something we can do to reduce
> confusion?

Change the package name perhaps? Not that it needs to be done right away and they may be good
reasons for not changing it if other projects rely on it.



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