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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Apache MXNet (incubating) 1.0.0 release RC1
Date Fri, 01 Dec 2017 07:27:35 GMT

+1 binding (if the issues below are put in a JIRA and fixed for next release)

Much improved over RC0 but rat results are still hard to review. It’s reporting 2138 unknown
licenses and I count 625 files without a license header so it’s easy to miss something and
I probably have. As suggested before, a rat exclusion file would help here.

Also there one outstanding question from the last release how is this file licensed? (if you
follow the URL mentioned in the file it is unclear). [24] but it unclear of the code come
form that site or was written for the project by the author of that site.

I checked:
- incubating in names
- signatures and hashes good
- LICENSE has a number of minor issues (see below)
- NOTICE is fine
- No unexpected binary files in the source release
- hard to say if all files have the correct header or not

A number of minor issues:
- this file has an ASF header looks to be BSD licensed. [1] Other files that are licensed
in similar confusing ways include [2][3][4][14]
- same with with MIT licensed files. [9][18][19]
- this file is BSD licensed [5] so would need to be added to LICENSE. As are a dozen files
here [6] and this file [13, and this one [14] and 6 files here [15] and this one [16] and
also this one [23]
- some file are still missing headers. For instance [7] and probable more.
- This file is listed at Apache 2.0 licensed  in the LICNSE but is actually MIT licensed.
[8] As I think is this [10] and these [17][20] (or it should be mentioned in license)
- This file has two apache headers [22]


1. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating.tar/apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/
2. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/src/operator/nn/im2col.h / im2col.c
3. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/src/operator/contrib/nn/deformable_im2col.h / deformable_im2col.c
4. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/src/operator/contrib/ctc_include/contrib/moderngpu/include/mgpuenums.h
5. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/src/operator/contrib/ctc_include/contrib/moderngpu/include/mgpudevice.cuh
6. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/src/operator/contrib/ctc_include/contrib/moderngpu/include/device/
7. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/perl-package/AI-NNVMCAPI/Makefile.PL
8. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating.tar/apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/nnvm/tvm/HalideIR/LICENSE
9. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating.tar/apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/
10. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/gpu_nms.pyx
11. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating.tar/apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/cpu_nms.pyx
12. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/bbox.pyx
13. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/nnvm/tvm/dmlc-core/cmake/Modules/FindCrypto.cmake
14. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/ssd/dataset/pycocotools/
15. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/pycocotools
16. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/dmlc-core/cmake/Modules/FindCrypto.cmake
17. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/gpu_nms.pyx
18. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/
19. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/
20. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating.tar/apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/cpu_nms.pyx
21.  apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/rcnn/rcnn/cython/bbox.pyx
22. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/tools/
23. apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating.tar/apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/cub/experimental/
24. ./apache-mxnet-src-1.0.0.rc1-incubating/example/image-classification/predict-cpp/
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