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From Christofer Dutz <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of Apache Eggent 1.2.0-incubating
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2017 11:33:32 GMT
Hi Seb,

starting with Edgent 1.2.0 we have switched the build system to Maven. Therefore, the build
is now generating output with the default Maven settings. 
So instead of adjusting the names for every future release, would it be better to change the
names of the existing ones?

I also did notice the old releases were not including LICENSE, README and RELEASE_NOTES, but
according to our wiki:'sGuide-StagingtheReleaseCandidate
I thought this was probably some requirement added after the last release. Would you suggest
removing the 3 text files and adjust the RC documentation accordingly or to add the NOTICE
and adjust the RC documentation?

I’ll post the revision as soon as above have been addresses.


Am 11.12.17, 12:07 schrieb "sebb" <>:

    The mail subject is wrong.
    On 11 December 2017 at 09:39, Christofer Dutz <> wrote:
    > The Apache Edgent community approved a vote to release
    > Apache Edgent 1.2.0-incubating from RC1.
    > Per [1] we are requesting IPMC approval to publish the
    > release bundles on the distribution site [2].
    > This vote will be open for 72 hours
    at least
    > - 1.2.0-incubating-RC1 vote results / thread [3]
    > - Git hash and tag for the release
    > commit: e37ca5216e7f4d464cfcd45c9826b6d99791c974
    > tag: edgent-1.2.0
    > link to RC1 source in the git repository [4]
    > - links to RC1 artifacts [5]
    > [ ] +1 accept
    > [ ] -1 reject (explanation required)
    > Thanks for your assistance in achieving this milestone!
    > [1] policy
    > [2] distribution
    > [3] rc1 vote
    > [4] rc1 src repo;a=tree;h=b9d54b562b92e2112270d79ec89ba6bd85063ae0;hb=e37ca5216e7f4d464cfcd45c9826b6d99791c974
    > [5] rc1 artifacts
    The revision is needed to make this unique
    The LICENSE file is not normally published separately from the archives.
    In any case, it must be accompanied by the NOTICE file.
    Also the layout is different from [2]
    It would be better to keep to the same layout, so the release can be
    published with a simple rename from dev to release.
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