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From "吴晟 Sheng Wu" <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] SkyWalking - proposal for Apache Incubation
Date Thu, 30 Nov 2017 13:16:29 GMT
> This was in private chat and a zoom video call between Sheng and myself.
> So it's not a documented event.
> Sheng, maybe you also had similar conversations also with Luke?

Yes, I and Luke talked about this too. 

Mick and I wrote down this section, because some of our committers have concern and been shy
about their own English. Our mentors and I will help them. And hope English speakers have
patiences for them, and feel free to communicate with us and contribute for SkyWalking. We
will try our best.

Sheng Wu


------------------ Original ------------------
From:  "mck";<>;
Date:  Thu, Nov 30, 2017 07:13 PM
To:  "general"<>;

Subject:  Re: [PROPOSAL] SkyWalking - proposal for Apache Incubation

John, thanks for the time and input. My replies are inline.

> > = Proposal =
> > The goal of this proposal is to bring the existing Skywalking
> > codebase and existing
> > developers and community into the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in
> > order to build a global, diverse and self-governed open source community
> > in APM field.
> >
> Who owns this code? Will an SGA be provided, or ICLAs from contributors?
> If ICLAs, are there any of the current 16 contributors who will not
> provide an ICLA?

I gone through this wil Sheng. An SGA will be provided as well as an
ICLA from contributors.
Sheng will bring this up with the community and seek confirmation from
all the committors there, including that he shall be the representative
of the 'OpenSkywalking Organization' to sign the SGA.

> > This project started in Open Source on GitHub about more than 2 years
> > ago. Beginning with a small SDK and collector. So far the OpenSkywalking
> > governs the project
> > through the PMC and Committer Team. The major contributors are from
> > Huawei DevCloud Team, Tydic, Oneapm (APM vendor),  Alibaba Group,
> > and cloudwise (APM vendor).
> >
> >
> While its understandable outside of Apache the contributions come from
> companies, while within Apache the contributions should be expected from
> individuals.  Although I highly like the openness I see from this
> project.

The language here has been corrected. 
That companies have been behind *individuals* is information provided
separately in the "Affiliations" section.
Is it a problem in the other places it is mention in the proposal?

> > == Core Developers ==
> > The core developers are a diverse group of experienced open source
> > developers and team leaders.
> >  * PMC members –
> >
> >
> >  * Committer Team members –
> >
> >
> Please replace this with a list of all current contributors, with names
> in english.

The PMC section is removed. And all names in english, with the name in
chinese following.
It's also been pointed out the english names should appear in the "from"
field in emails sent to the list.

> > === Language and Culture ===
> > Concerns have been raised about language challenges and, as is typical
> > for developers not strong in english, aware that the community can be
> > shy in a debate or disagreement when english is used. Having looked
> > through the project's history this concern can be seen to be minor. The
> > commitlog is in english, and so are the tickets and the pull requests.
> > The website and documentation is equally both english and chinese. The
> > community has been strict upon itself to ensure it became and stays so.
> > The use of chinese should not be seen as a problem, it is a multilingual
> > world, but it is important that english speakers feel included and able
> > to contribute freely to the project without having to ask for
> > translations. To deal with poor or broken english it's important that a
> > gentler and inclusive community is fostered.
> >
> Where have concerns over language challenges been raised?

This was in private chat and a zoom video call between Sheng and myself.
So it's not a documented event.
Sheng, maybe you also had similar conversations also with Luke?

> > == Git Repositories ==
> >  *
> >  *
> >
> >
> The ASF does offer "gitbox" or writable github repositories.  If this is
> something useful to you, I would recommend it, especially if you're
> already using github.

Thanks for this info!
This is desired. The proposal has been updated.

> > == Initial Incubator PMC ==
> >  * 吴晟, Sheng Wu  @wu-sheng
> >  * 彭勇升, Yongsheng Peng  @peng-yongsheng
> >  * 张鑫, Xin Zhang  @ascrutae
> >
> > == Initial Committer ==
> >  * 吴晟, Sheng Wu  @wu-sheng
> >  * 彭勇升, Yongsheng Peng  @peng-yongsheng
> >  * 张鑫, Xin Zhang  @ascrutae
> >  * 高洪涛, Hongtao Gao  @hanahmily
> >  * 柏杨, Yang Bai  @bai-yang
> >  * 王凯, Kai Wang  @oracle219
> >  * 李运涛, Yuntao Li  @lytscu
> >  * 汪盛, Sheng Wang  @titsquid
> >  * 司冬雪, Dongxue Si  @IluckySi
> >  * 张科伟, Kewei Zhang  @zhangkewei
> >
> These two sections concern me.  Note that podlings have PPMCs.  I cannot
> accept three new IPMC members on a podling proposal without much
> explanation about how they are familiar with the Apache Way.
> Typically, podlings come into the Incubator with the PPMC == the initial
> committers.  Is that what you are trying to convey here?

Correct. These were intended as PPMC, not IPMC.
The two separate lists here have been replaced with just the one
"committor" list. 

> I'm not sure why there are names with @ in front.  Are these proposed ASF
> usernames?

No. They were github usernames. They've been replaced with email


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