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From "吴晟" <>
Subject 回复: [PROPOSAL] SkyWalking - proposal for Apache Incubation
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2017 07:15:49 GMT
Hi, Incubator Community people, and Romain
My name is Sheng Wu, the founder and PMC member of SkyWalking APM project. I and other contributors
of SkyWalking are glad to join the Apache Community, and welcome everyone to join ASF.

Sorry for forgetting close the old donation. Please recheck that issue:
. I have close that issue and proposal.

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主题: Re: [PROPOSAL] SkyWalking - proposal for Apache Incubation

Hi Mick

I'm generally +1 and would be very happy to help but before voting can
you clarify the position with other donations like please?

Romain Manni-Bucau
@rmannibucau |  Blog | Old Blog | Github | LinkedIn

2017-11-29 7:58 GMT+01:00 mck <>:
> Dear Apache Incubator Community,
> Please accept the following proposal for presentation and discussion:
> SkyWalking is a distributed tracing solution that provides automatic
> instrumentation, coming from a community of Chinese contributors. This
> community has been involved with and part of the Distributed Tracing
> workshops held by Adrian Cole (who maintains and develops Zipkin) and
> the OpenTracing initiative.
> Sheng Wu reached out to me recently asking me to Champion the proposal
> because of my involvement with OpenTracing, Zipkin, and these
> Distributed Tracing workshops. The whole SkyWalking community has
> demonstrated a keenness to join Apache, as is seen on their GitHub
> issues discussing the matter. I'm excited to have been asked and have
> gladly accepted. Furthermore at last year's ApacheCon in Vancouver I met
> Luke Han during the ASF media workshop and watched his presentation
> about the challenges of opening up ASF to chinese communities and
> developers. Because of this we have reached out to Luke Han as an
> additional mentor. The result of this was that Sheng met Luke in person
> last weekend in Shanghai. Sheng also met Nicolas Hedhman in Shanghai.
> And Willem Ning Jiang has also been added as a mentor, who is also from
> Huawei and is currently involved in the ServiceComb proposal. Otherwise
> I'm aware that I'm new to the Incubator and its processes, so any
> additional mentors familiar with the finer details and precedence will
> be most welcomed.
> regards,
> Mick
> ----
> = Abstract =
> Skywalking is an APM (application performance monitor), especially for
> microservice, Cloud Native and container-based architecture systems.
> Also known as a distributed tracing system. It provides an automatic way
> to instrument applications: no need to change any of the source code of
> the target application; and an collector with an very high efficiency
> streaming module.
> = Proposal =
> The goal of this proposal is to bring the existing Skywalking
> codebase and existing
> developers and community into the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) in
> order to build a global, diverse and self-governed open source community
> in APM field.
> This project started in Open Source on GitHub about more than 2 years
> ago. Beginning with a small SDK and collector. So far the OpenSkywalking
> governs the project
> through the PMC and Committer Team. The major contributors are from
> Huawei DevCloud Team, Tydic, Oneapm (APM vendor),  Alibaba Group,
> and cloudwise (APM vendor).
> OpenSkywalking is submitting this proposal to donate the Skywalking
> sources code and  associated artifacts (documentation, web site content,
> wiki, etc.) to the Apache Software Foundation Incubator under the Apache
> License, Version 2.0. These artifacts are currently available on GitHub
> at and include:
>  * Skywalking: The java sniffer(agent) for collecting data, and
>  collector for analysing and persistence.
>  * Skywalking-UI: The web UI for skywalking APM
> Voted on submitting the proposal to the Incubator.
> = Background =
> Mircro-service, Cloud Native and container-based architecture system are
> becoming more and more popular, so the traditional monitoring, like
> application loggings, can provide less information because of the
> distributed isolates the relations. Based on the Google Dapper paper
>, many tracing systems
> born. The OpenSkywalking organisation was created with  Skywalking made
> based on tracing, but not just tracing, it adds additional value by
> reducing the sniffer (agent) cost, analysis and visualization.
> In 2015, Skywalking project started, when service-oriented architecture
> became popular. At first, skywalking provided a very simple SDK, and
> collected data into a HBASE cluster. After we opened on the GitHub, the
> community gives the feedbacks about how difficult to maintain a HBase
> cluster, even harder than the applications under monitored. So, in 2.x
> 2016, skywalking provided a self-designed storage, and update the SDK to
> a javaagent with supporting auto-instrumentation. Then since 2017, more
> and more contributors joined, we set up the PMC team and committer team.
> Skywalking evolved to an APM, and more and more features provided since
> then.
> = Rationale =
> Skywalking includes these primary parts:
>  1. Provide an anto-instrument sniffer, which is based on Javaagent and
>  collects events and traces happened inside JVM, with little CPU/Memory
>  cost.
>  2. An extendable `tracing data protocol suit` with gRPC and HTTP
>  implementations, is compatible for other language agent or SDK.
>  3. Provide Collector, which accepts the `tracing data protocol suit`,
>  and does the analysis and aggregation inside for detecting the
>  relationships among applications and services, generating the metrics,
>  and altering.
>  4. Provided our own UI, which visualizes the topological graph of
>  related applications and services, trace stack, metrics and alerting.
> Also, Skywalking team is passionate about community cooperations.
> Skywalking is a supported tracer and member of OpenTracing
> . Also we take part in the  TraceContext Specs
> , which is about
> `tracing context propagation format`. The founder of the project, Sheng
> Wu, is the member of these organizations,
> There is a strong need for an open, easy-to-use APM towards helping
> today's DevOps people to monitor their running systems, while also being
> easy and transparent to maintain and modify.
> The Skywalking has been an hot open source project in GitHub. We feel
> that by moving to Apache it will help us work in a more global and open
> way, presenting the project as a commercial friendly but vendor neutral
> technology. Under Apache's strong governance and existing processes,
> hope is also to make the Skywalking releases more reliable, as is
> crucial for monitoring systems running in any Application Zone.
> = Initial Goals =
> Our initial goals are to bring Skywalking into the ASF. The most
> important things are following ASF's governance module, and integrating
> with Apache development process. Also moving the existing codebase to an
> Apache git repository.
> = Current Status =
> == Meritocracy ==
> Skywalking was originally created by Sheng Wu,  吴晟
> himself in May 2015, and opened in GitHub in
> Nov. 8th, 2015. The project now has committers and users from many
> companies. The newer committers of the project are guided by the existed
> PMC and Committer Team members, by reviewing and discussing with them.
> When they are ready, PMC will start a vote to promote him/her to become
> a member of PMC and Committer Team.
> Also after the founder, Sheng Wu, joined Huawei in 2017, Huawei DevCloud
> decided to contribute and support the project. So he personally leads
> the interested developers, and helps them to join the community quickly
> and efficiently. Now we have set `Huawei Devcloud Contributor Team` for
> them.
> Contributions are always welcomed, highly valued. A lot of energy is
> allocated to ensure help to all wishing to contribute.
> == Community ==
> OpenSkwaylking is supported by 5 companies: Huawei,,
>, tydic, , which are both contributing to the
> project and also used it in product, also provide many important
> feedbacks from their actual scenarios.
> The contributors, who can provide employer informantions, are from
> Huawei DevCloud Team, Tydic, Oneapm (APM vendor), Alibaba Group,
>, cloudwise (APM vendor),,,, and
> == Core Developers ==
> The core developers are a diverse group of experienced open source
> developers and team leaders.
>  * PMC members –
>  * Committer Team members –
> == Known Risks ==
> The project is well known in global tracing and APM field, and live more
> than 2 years. We are not sure there exists a risk, but definitely have a
> challenge for us. So far, the contributors, committers and confirmed
> product use cases are all from China.
> === Language and Culture ===
> Concerns have been raised about language challenges and, as is typical
> for developers not strong in english, aware that the community can be
> shy in a debate or disagreement when english is used. Having looked
> through the project's history this concern can be seen to be minor. The
> commitlog is in english, and so are the tickets and the pull requests.
> The website and documentation is equally both english and chinese. The
> community has been strict upon itself to ensure it became and stays so.
> The use of chinese should not be seen as a problem, it is a multilingual
> world, but it is important that english speakers feel included and able
> to contribute freely to the project without having to ask for
> translations. To deal with poor or broken english it's important that a
> gentler and inclusive community is fostered.
> == Orphaned products ==
> The contributors and community cooperation brings the project from a
> small concept into a real APM system. So far, many companies, e.g.
> Huawei DevCloud,, tydic,, have their own
> independency contribute team for Skywalking. So this is not risk of any
> signs of orphaned or abandoned code.
> == Inexperience with Open Source ==
> The founder of the project, Sheng Wu, is an open source lover. He has
> contributed for these open source projects: OpenTracing-Specification,
> OpenTracing-Java, Motan, Hprose, OpenTracing specification-zh,
> apache/incubator-rocketmq.
> Hongtao Gao, our committer team member, is the major maintainer of
> sharding-jdbc and
> elastic-job since 2014.
> The project are following these two experienced open source people's
> guidance. And glad to learn from the Apache Way.
> == Homogenous Developers ==
> The confirmed contributors list:
> As mentioned above in the Community section.
> == Reliance on Salaried Developers ==
> First of all, most members of the PMC and Committer Team, are paid by
> their employers (Huawei, Tydic, and OneAPM) to contribute
> to this project. But we have to say, many of them have more than one
> employer in the past 3 years contribution, but the contributions are
> never stopped. We don't just depend on salaried contributors only.
> Skywalking itself and the distributed tracing field are very attractive
> and important for every company the contributors work in, and they have
> no reason to stop them. Contributions and new committers are expected.
> == Relationships with Other Apache Products ==
> HBase was used as a backend before being rewritten, and that ZooKeeper,
> httpcomponents, log4j and junit are used. Also we are considering all
> java projects, especially big data technology, e.g. Hadoop, Hbase,
> Cassandra.
> == A Excessive Fascination with the Apache Brand ==
> The ASF has a strong brand, and that brand is in itself attractive.
> Skywalking will benefit from world wide collaboration and use cases. The
> Apache brand will be duly respected and honored in regards to  marketing
> and publicity. Further more, with the help of Incubator PMC, we will
> make every effort to follow the rules and policies of the ASF.
> == Documentation ==
>  *
>  *
> == Initial Source ==
> The project consists of two distinct codebases: the server and the UI.
> These have existed as separate git repositories.
>  *
>  *
> == Source and Intellectual Property Submission Plan ==
> The project is under Apache Licensed 2.0 already. As soon as Skywalking
> is approved to join Apache, we can transfer of source code to the Apache
> Foundation. There is no legal issue.
> All source artifacts (code and documentation) will be assigned copyright
> to the ASF. Currently all artifacts are copyright to 'OpenSkywalking
> Organization', so effort in this process pertains mostly to obtaining
> the individual and corporation contributor agreements (ICLAs and CCLAs)
> from all committers and PMC.
> == External Dependencies ==
>  * Byte-buddy (Apache 2.0)
>  * gRPC (Apache 2.0)
>  * netty (Apache 2.0)
>  * guava (Apache 2.0)
>  * elasticsearch (Apache 2.0)
>  * H2 Driver (MPL 2.0 or EPL 1.0)
>  * Zookeeper Client (Apache 2.0)
>  * disruptor (Apache 2.0)
>  * junit (MPL)
>  * mockito (MIT)
>  * powermock (Apache 2.0)
>  * Spring (Apache 2.0)
>  * gson  (Apache 2.0)
>  * httpcomponents (Apache 2.0)
>  * log4j  (Apache 2.0)
>  * vis (Apache 2.0)
>  * webjars-boostrap  (Apache 2.0)
>  * animate.css (MIT)
>  * jquery (
>  * jquery-ui (
>  * jsView (MIT)
>  * metisMenu (MIT)
>  * d3 (BSD-3)
>  * echarts (BSD-3)
>  * DataTables (MIT)
>  * requirejs (MIT)
>  * vue (MIT)
> = Required Resources =
> == Mailing Lists ==
>  * (moderated subscriptions)
>  *
>  *
>  *
> == Git Repositories ==
>  *
>  *
> == Issue Tracking ==
> GitHub Issues or JIRA Project Skywalking.
> To be discussed further, there's a desire to continue to use GitHub
> issues and it's now visible that other projects are using this.
> == Initial Incubator PMC ==
>  * 吴晟, Sheng Wu  @wu-sheng
>  * 彭勇升, Yongsheng Peng  @peng-yongsheng
>  * 张鑫, Xin Zhang  @ascrutae
> == Initial Committer ==
>  * 吴晟, Sheng Wu  @wu-sheng
>  * 彭勇升, Yongsheng Peng  @peng-yongsheng
>  * 张鑫, Xin Zhang  @ascrutae
>  * 高洪涛, Hongtao Gao  @hanahmily
>  * 柏杨, Yang Bai  @bai-yang
>  * 王凯, Kai Wang  @oracle219
>  * 李运涛, Yuntao Li  @lytscu
>  * 汪盛, Sheng Wang  @titsquid
>  * 司冬雪, Dongxue Si  @IluckySi
>  * 张科伟, Kewei Zhang  @zhangkewei
> = Champion =
>  * Michael Semb Wever,
> Voted for skywalking Incubator champion.
> = Mentors =
>  * Michael Semb Wever,
>  * Luke Han,
>  * Willem Ning Jiang,
> Skywalking received a lot helps from Michael Semb Wever about this
> proposal and Apache way. Set face-to-face meeting with three Apache
> members: Luke Han, Nicolas Hedhman, Willem Ning Jiang. They helps us a
> lot.
> == Sponsoring Entity ==
> We are requesting the Incubator to sponsor this project.
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