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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of Apache Griffin 0.1.5-incubating [rc1]
Date Tue, 04 Jul 2017 01:55:57 GMT

Sorry  -1 as the LICENSE file has not been fixed from last RC. The LICENSE file needs to be
called LICENSE or LICENSE.txt and contain all 3rd party bundled licenses. [1][2] I’ll consider
changing my vote if other IPMC members vote +1 on this and it fixed in the next release.

I can see that LICENSE doesn’t contain any mention of 3rd party bundled code and that they
are instead mentioned in

I can see that refers to 3rd party software that is no longer bundled in this RC
i.e. angular toaster, charts, font awesome etc ect

In fact it seems just about all 3rd party software has been removed except for [4] which incorrectly
has an ASF header and is MIT licensed. Why the big change from last time? IS there any reason
all this 3rd party software is no longer required?

I checked:
- name includes incubating
- signature and hashes good
- LICENSE has issues (see above)
- NOTICE is good
- no unexpected binary
- source files have ASF headers
- don’t check compile form source due to complex requirements/setup

There are a couple of unresolved issues from the last RC - including for instance who own
copyright on this file? [3] Has a JIRA been raised to sort these out?


3.  ./ui/login/background.jpg
4. ./ui/js/directives/treeview.js
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