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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Airflow 1.8.2 (incubating)
Date Thu, 06 Jul 2017 00:39:37 GMT

Sorry but it’s -1 form me due to licensing issues. If it was just LICENSE missing a few
permissive licensed pieces I would be +1 please fix in next release. However you are not following
the terms of the MIT license (missing the MIT text in several cases) and their’s one file
which may include GPL code - I think that needs to be cleared up.

I checked:
- incubating in name
- signatures and hashes good
- LICENSE His missing a few things please fix for next release
- NOTICE year is wrong please update for next release. It not correct to say "Copyright 2016
and onwards” as copyright has an expiry date.
- NO unexpected binary files in release
- All apache source files have ASF headers

License is missing a number of permissive licenses:
- BSD Licensed parallel coordinates [1]
- WebGL-2D includes the MIT licensed CubicVR engine [2]
- BSD licensed Sphinx JavaScript tools here (and a number of other files) [3]
- dual licensed MIT/GPL jquery throttle debounce plugin [4]
- dual license MIT/GPL jQuery hotkeys plugin [5]
- MIT licensed bootstrap toggle [6]
- MIT licensed Fontawesome and font files [7] licensed under SIL OFL 1.1
- dual licenses MIT/GPL jQuery is on screen [8]
- several binary font files who license (Apache) coulee be added for clarity [9][10][11][12][13][14]
- dual linked MIT/GPL jQuery table sorter [16] 
- dual licensed MIT/BSD modenizer [17]

More seriously it not clear to me that this file is apache licensed [18][19] and while this
file [20] claims to be apache licensed it not licensed to the ASF as the header states it
seems to comes form here [21] it also seems to contain code from elsewhere of an unknown license.
[22][23] and may be GPL licensed [24]? Not 100% sure. Has the provanance of this file been
looked into?

Also this file [15] incorrectly includes the line:
"Copyright 2015 Apache Software Foundation”


1. ./airflow/www/static/para/parallel.js
2. ./airflow/www/static/para/webgl-2d.js
3. ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/doctools.js
4. ./airflow/www/static/coverage/jquery.debounce.min.js
5. ./airflow/www/static/coverage/jquery.hotkeys.js
6. ./apache-airflow-1.8.2rc2/airflow/www/static/bootstrap-toggle.min.js
7. ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/fontawesome*
8. ./airflow/www/static/coverage/jquery.isonscreen.js
9 ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/Inconsolata-Bold.ttf
10 ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/Inconsolata-Regular.ttf
11. ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/Lato-Bold.ttf
12 ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/Lato-Regular.ttf
13 ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/RobotoSlab-Bold.ttf
14 ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/fonts/RobotoSlab-Regular.ttf
15. ./airflow/www/static/docs/license.html
16. ./airflow/www/static/coverage/jquery.tablesorter.min.js
17. ./airflow/www/static/docs/_static/js/modernizr.min.js
19 ./airflow/www/static/gantt-chart-d3v2.js
20. ./airflow/www/static/nv.d3.js

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