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From Roman Shaposhnik <>
Subject Re: ASF hosted binaries collecting user data without an explicit opt-in
Date Wed, 07 Jun 2017 20:31:35 GMT
On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 1:26 PM, Shane Curcuru <> wrote:
> Roman Shaposhnik wrote on 6/7/17 4:20 PM:
>> On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 10:56 AM, Mark Thomas <> wrote:
>>> On 07/06/17 17:53, Roman Shaposhnik wrote:
>>>> On Wed, Jun 7, 2017 at 8:32 AM, Sean Busbey <> wrote:
>>>>> On 2017-06-06 11:59 (-0500), Roman Shaposhnik <>
>>>>>> On Mon, Jun 5, 2017 at 8:25 PM, John D. Ament <>
>>>>>>> While these are all great discussion points, I don't believe
>>>>>>> relevant to incubator only and probably should have remained
on the
>>>>>>> legal-discuss list.  Ignite graduated ~2 years ago.  The incubator
>>>>>>> doesn't have an opinion about this, but it's good to know that
the policy
>>>>>>> may change (and I do personally have an opinion on said types
of software).
>>>>>> The reason I'm bringing it on the IPMC mailing list has nothing to
>>>>>> with how long
>>>>>> ago Ignite graduated and everything to do with the following two
>>>>>>    1. It can be very useful to the future podlings
>>>>>>    2. I honestly don't know any other forum where I can meaningfully
>>>>>> discuss changes to release policy
>>>>>> I'll take advice on #2, of course.
>>>>> Who owns release policy? I presume it's VP Legal, which would suggest
>>>> I would really be surprised if VP Legal actually *owned* it. This
>>>> feels someplace between
>>>> INFRA, ComDev and Legal, but it still doesn't answer the question
>>>> who's a single throat
>>>> to choke.
>>> Consider yourself surprised then. V.P. Legal owns the release policy.
>> Is legal-discuss then the appropriate forum to actually build the consensus?
>> I surely hope V.P. Legal won't play a BDFL with our release policy, will he?
> Huh?

Because last time BDFL tendencies flared up around ASF Legal it was
painful all around.

>  Only the board and specifically authorized officers can set policy
> like the release policy that all PMCs MUST follow.  So yes, VP Legal is
> the final determiner of release policy updates, not anyone else.
> legal-discuss@ is the best place to bring any specific requests from
> project(s) to change the actual policy itself.  But first it would be
> useful to get some rough consensus on some of those specific requests
> here from the IPMC or from ComDev.

That was my very question: what is the right forum. You could've just answered
that. So it is IPMC, ComDev, both?

Seriously WHERE do I have to move this thread to?

> Note that ComDev is a PMC itself, and has no authority to set *policy*
> for other PMCs.  But they do provide a lot of good docs and best
> practices, and dev@community is becoming quite a good cross-project
> discussion area, so it's a good place to get other feedback on a proposal.

Sure. We all know that.


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