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From Chris Mattmann <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Migration of Podling Maintenance Tooling to Whimsy
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2017 05:56:59 GMT
+1 from me.


On 6/4/17, 4:33 PM, "John D. Ament" <> wrote:

    I want to bring up this discussion to see others opinions.  I would like to
    move forward on migrating podling status maintenance into Whimsy.  Some of
    the key things I want to improve upon is the overall experience around
    managing the podling.  Sam's done a great job with rosters, but we can
    start to track other things in whimsy, which mirrors what's in the status
    file.  This can include IP Clearance/SGAs, Podling Name Searches, the
    various dates we track.
    Ultimately, I want to simplify how podlings are managed and make it a bit
    easier on an end user.  Rather than needing to svn checkout to get files,
    they simply go to a webpage, and assuming they're on that podling's roster
    they would have access to update the status.  We could even automate
    certain events so that when the board passes a resolution to graduate the
    podling, the status file is updated along side any other record the podling
    may have.
    This does mean that the status file format is likely to change.  It also
    means we're likely to move away from the java based build tool that has to
    parse the XML templates into web pages and instead rely on a more
    structured format for the status.
    It doesn't mean you have to change.  If you like using SVN to edit this
    stuff that's fine, you would still be able to.  Just what you're editing is
    likely to be different.
    Thoughts? Opinions?

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