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From William GUO <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release of Apache Griffin 0.1.4-incubating [rc2]
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:00:50 GMT
Thanks Justin for your vote.

We will fix the license issue as your mentioned.


On 6/23/17, 9:21 PM, "Justin Mclean" <> wrote:

    Sorry but it's -1 from me due to license issues. If other IPMC members think it OK to
release this I’ll change my vote. I do note this is your first release and the missing licenses
(that I checked) do seem to be BSD/MIT licenses.
    Also part of the issue here is that there’s a LICENSE and a file. The LICENSE
file is currently the bare Apache license and contains no 3rd party licenses.
    I checked
    - name include incubation
    - signature and hashes correct
    - disclaimer exists
    - LICENSE is missing a large number of bundled items
    - NOTICE contains wrong year (should be 2017)
    - no unexpected binary files
    - most source file have ASF headers (few script files and the like missing headers)
    - I was unable to compile from source but I didn’t go through the complex setup process
    There's also a couple of IP issue that will need to be sorted out before graduation. For
instance who own IP on this file [1] or the test data files in this directory. [2] How is
the data in these files licensed?
    LICENSE is missing a number of things
    - these MIT licensed files [1][2]
    - where are these files copyright eBay from? [3][4]
    - these files [5][6][7][8]9][10][11][12][13]…[26]
    And probably a coupe of things I missed as well.
    1. ./images/background.jpg
    2. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/data/
    3. ./ui/login/login.css
    4. ./ui/login/login.html
    5. ./ui/bower_components/AngularJS-Toaster/toaster.js
    6. ./ui/js/directives/treeview.js
    7. ./ui/apidocs/swagger-ui.js (note this includes multiple licenses)
    8. ./ui/bower_components/requirejs/require.js
    9. ./ui/apidocs/lib/
    10. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/extension/dataTool/quantile.js
    11. ./ui/bower_components/spin.js/spin.js
    12. ./ui/apidocs/lib/marked.js
    13. ./ui/bower_components/jquery/src/sizzle/dist/sizzle.js
    14. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/lib/dat.gui.min.js
    15.  ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/ut/lib/canteen.js
    16. ./ui/bower_components/bootstrap/Gruntfile.js
    17. ./ui/bower_components/bootstrap/grunt/bs-commonjs-generator.js
    18. ./ui/bower_components/bootstrap/grunt/bs-glyphicons-data-generator.js
    19. ./ui/bower_components/bootstrap/grunt/bs-lessdoc-parser.js
    20. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/ut/lib/canteen.js (contains multiple licenses)
    21. ./ui/bower_components/bootstrap/grunt/change-version.js
    22. ./ui/apidocs/lib/handlebars-2.0.0.js
    23. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/ut/*
    24. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/ut/lib/jasmine-2.3.4/console.js
    25. ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/ut/lib/jasmine-2.3.4/jasmine-html.js
    26 ./ui/bower_components/echarts/test/ut/lib/jasmine-2.3.4/jasmine.js
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