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From Clebert Suconic <>
Subject Re: Seeking interested parties for a messaging components podling
Date Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:21:30 GMT
This would be totally from a Messaging Point of View.. not just JMS BTW.

Right now there are 2 JMS components that would be cross used from qpid-jms, artemis.. and
who knows… Rocket…

- Serders/Serialization integration for Object messages
- JMS Connection pool…

There’s also the idea of using the Journal on the client. The Journal from Artemis could
move here, we would add a JournalQueue which would allow integrating Messaging on the client
side. It would be a great component for either Artemis, kafka or anything else that needs
a journal.

I don’t have any specific ideas now.. but I know of some libraries for Javascript clients,
think of Kafka, AMQP…  as well that could live here.

We could only expand from there.. 

On 2017-06-21 22:35 (-0400), "John D. Ament" <> wrote: 
> All,
> There's an ongoing discussion on the ActiveMQ dev list [1] to spin up a
> project focused on core, reusable messaging components.  The feeling is
> that this is outside the realm of ActiveMQ for various reasons and could be
> leveraged by various messaging platforms, potentially even building out
> some reusability and core protocol support along the ways.
> Knowing that we have some messaging experience within the incubator, I
> wanted to prod around a bit to see if there was anyone else interested in a
> project like this.
> John
> PS - when I say interested parties, it could be
> champions/mentors/contributors or heck even possible TLP sponsors.
> [1]:
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