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From Shane Curcuru <>
Subject Re: Images in source code.
Date Sun, 04 Jun 2017 22:23:27 GMT
Mike Drob wrote on 6/4/17 3:12 PM:
> Project logos are Apache Licensed, but cannot be used for "any purpose" I
> thought? They're specifically called out and most uses of trademark logos
> need to be approved by VP Brand.

Correct, although not quite exact.  The Apache license itself explicitly
*excludes* trademark rights [1]:

So users are free to reuse our icons and logos and what-not almost
anyway they like, but *not* in ways that would infringe on our existing
trademarks for software products.

Users can take the nutty Apache Flink squirrel logo and use it to refer
to Apache Flink itself.  They could also use it as part of an art
collage, or in a presentation about squirrels, or mash it up with logos
of dogs or any other sort of non-trademark uses.  They can't use it (in
general cases) to refer to a different software product than Flink.

The reporting guide has some steps for thinking about "Is this
$somebody's use of an Apache logo OK or not?"


- Shane

[1] Protip: no OSI-approved software license gives users any trademark
rights - even if "trademarks" never appears in the license.  FOSS
licenses are only *copyright* licenses, not trademark licenses.

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