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From Justin Mclean <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache ODF Toolkit 0.6.2 (incubating)
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2017 01:27:36 GMT

+1 (binding) but there a number f things that IMO need to be fixed for the next release.

I checked the source release:
- incubating in name
- signatures and hashes correct
- contains disclaimer
- LICENSE has some minor issues
- NOTICE has a few unnecessary copyright statements
- No unexpected binary files
- Source files have Apache header, but seem a large number of copyright IMB and Oracle not
- Can compile from source

LICENSE seems to be missing one thing, a BSD licensed software copyright 2009 University of
Bristol. [1][2][3][4] Confusingly these files have different copyright and licenses at the
start and end of the files. May be an interesting story there :-)

Perhaps also add this ASF file copyright 2009 Benson I. Margulies. Not an issue (as ASL files
don’t have to mentioned in LICENSE) but it’s odd the copyright is different to other similar
files copyright Oracle.

The LICENSE in the source package mention thing that are only included in the binary package,
IMO it would be better to two two seperate LICENSE files with different content that reflect
what the bundles contain. [8][9][10]

These files have copyright ASF year lines which should probably be removed. See point 2 in

With the NOTICE file there no need to list all copyright statements only ones that have been
relocated from files need to be included. I can also see there a large number of ASL files
copyright IBM and Oracle and the headers haven’t been changed so there’s probably no need
to list that in NOTICE either. But perhaps if there files were in a software grant then possibly
their headers needed to be replaced?

The binary and doc packages are missing LICENSE and NOTICE files, they are included in included
in the jars however but it's just the boilerplate license and doesn’t mention what other
things might be bundled. 


1. ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/odfdom/src/main/java/org/odftoolkit/odfdom/pkg/rdfa/
2. ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/odfdom/src/main/java/org/odftoolkit/odfdom/pkg/rdfa/
3. ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/odfdom/src/main/java/org/odftoolkit/odfdom/pkg/rdfa/
4. ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/odfdom/src/main/java/org/odftoolkit/odfdom/pkg/rdfa/
5. ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/generator/schema2template-maven-plugin/src/main/java/org/odftoolkit/odfdom/schema2template_maven_plugin/
5. ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/odfdom/src/test/java/org/odftoolkit/junit/
6 ./odftoolkit-0.6.2-incubating/simple/src/test/java/org/odftoolkit/simple/table/

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