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From Ian Dunlop <>
Subject Re: [VOTE] Release Apache Mynewt 1.0.0-b1-incubating-rc2
Date Wed, 07 Dec 2016 12:40:35 GMT

+1 non-binding

I checked:

 - incubating in name

 - hashes correct

 - Can compile from source for newt and blinky. All tests run for core.

Here are a few things I noticed when checking that don't affect the
release but might help if added to docs in future:

1) Should point out type of sha sum somehow. Perhaps in the .sha file.
Could call it .sha512
2) referenced in
blinky README is missing. Found introduction at os/introduction and
build instructions via os/get_started/get_started/ which took me to
3) In stage 4 of build newt on you have to export
the newt path before you can run it. I think this needs to be pointed
out just after the build instructions, not in the bracketed part after
telling you to run 'newt'.
4) export newt="go run $GOPATH/"
seems wrong on my machine since GOPATH would need /src included. Should
possibly be export newt="go run

Not everything seems to work with newt test all, here is what happened
for me:

blinky - $newt test all - 'no testable packages found'. Installed with
$newt install && $newt build my_blinky_sim
core - $newt test all - all tests passed. I wasn't sure if you could
actually build this from the root directory or had to build each
individual project.
newt - $newt test all - 'Error: No project file found!' I successfully
built it with ./



On 05/12/16 02:37, Sterling Hughes wrote:
> +1 binding.
> On 4 Dec 2016, at 16:58, Justin Mclean wrote:
>> Hi,
>> +1 binding
>> I checked:
>> - incubating in name
>> - signatures and hashes correct
>> - DISCLAIMER exists
>> - LICENSE and NOTICE good
>> - All source file have apache headers
>> - No unexpected binaries
>> - Can compile from source
>> A couple of minor things re compilation which other people may run into:
>> 1. It would be good to have better compile instructions especially
>> for the core package.
>> 2. It seems that blinky expects gcc-5 in /usr/local/bin/ and I only
>> had gcc-6 installed and an older version of gcc in /usr/bin/gcc
>> 3. A newt build all in core does nothing, but a newt test all goes
>> off and compiles and runs the tests. Is that expected? How do you
>> just build core?
>> Thanks,
>> Justin
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