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From "Sean Busbey"<>
Subject Looking for a mentor for Gossip and Rya
Date Tue, 08 Nov 2016 00:03:48 GMT
Hi Folks!

Sadly, other commitments in my life require that I step down the amount of volunteer time
I spend on the ASF. I had originally thought that I'd still have time for mentoring the two
podlings I've been involved with (Gossip and Rya), but it doesn't look that way.

As such, I'm hoping someone on general@ might be convinced to step up in either case. My need
to step aside should not reflect on the podlings themselves; they're both doing just fine
for where they are in terms of project maturity.

If the particular technology aims matter:

Apache Gossip (incubating) is creating a foundational library for distributed systems to use
the gossip protocol to make peer-to-peer networks. It's written in Java.

Apache RYA (incubating) is an RDF triple store built on top of sparse key-value stores (specifically
Apache Accumulo is currently the robust exemplar implementation). It is also written (mostly)
in Java.

I'd say Rya is farther along the path to graduation, but neither podling is particularly demanding
in terms of kinds-of or amounts-of attention required.

Anyone interested in transitioning onto one or both?


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