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From Rich Bowen <>
Subject ApacheCon Miami is coming in May, and is focused on innovation at Apache
Date Wed, 30 Nov 2016 18:37:36 GMT
Dear Apache Incubator participant,

ApacheCon and Apache Big Data will be held at the Intercontinental in
Miami, Florida, May 16-18, 2017. Submit your talks, and register, at  Talks aimed at the Big Data section of the event
should go to
while other talks should go to

Apache is where the future gets invented, and projects in the Incubator
are where this happens. For Miami, we want to have a strong focus on
what’s happening in the Incubator today that’s going to change the
industry tomorrow.

The goal of the conference is to strengthen and grow our project
communities, and to build the relationships between your project and the
larger Apache Software Foundation. But it’s also to showcase to the
world what new things will be coming out of the ASF.

If you’re a committer on an incubating project, you can take advantage
of the committer discount when you register. You can register any time
between today and April 16th for the low, low price of $275. This is
more than half off of the early bird rate of $600 that everyone else
pays, and about a quarter of the on-site fee of $1000.

If you’re a mentor of an incubating project, please encourage the
members of your podling to take advantage of this opportunity. ApacheCon
is a great way to attract new contributors to an incubating project, as
well as a way to get the project in front of the press.

Here’s some ways, beyond just showing up, that you can make this your

Content track: Plan a track of content dedicated to your project, or
several related projects. Content tracks are much easier to sell to
attendees and sponsors than isolated talks, and give attendees a way to
go from introductory level to deep dives into your technology. This
builds your user community, and helps potential contributors get to a
level of proficiency more quickly than they could on their own. If you
think you have enough content for a track, get in touch with Rich
( to discuss how this works.

Sponsor: It costs money to put on a conference, and this is a great
opportunity for companies involved in Apache projects - your employers -
to get their name and products in front of the community. Sponsors can
start any any monetary level, and can sponsor everything from the
conference badge lanyard, through larger items such as video recordings
and evening events. For more information on sponsoring ApacheCon, see

Volunteer: Volunteers are needed for various parts of putting on this
event. These include, but are probably not limited to, the following:

* Content committee: Review submissions and select final schedule for
the event.

* TAC (Travel Assistance Committee): We offer travel assistance for
attendees of this event. This is a work-intensive process, to ensure
that these awards are given out in an impartial manner to the people who
will benefit from them the most.

* Tour guides and on-site assistants: Conferences are a better
experience for everyone if we have an on-site native to assist the
visitors. We need recommendations of the best places to eat and play
around the venue. We’ll be collecting these on the ApacheCon wiki at

So, get your tickets today at and submit your
talks. ApacheCon Miami is going to be our best ApacheCon yet, and you,
and your project, can’t afford to miss it.

Rich Bowen -
VP, Conferences

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