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From "P. Taylor Goetz" <>
Subject Re: [DISCUSS] Olympian Incubation Proposal
Date Fri, 30 Sep 2016 01:39:13 GMT
Hi Jason,

I am not a lawyer, and the following only represents my personal voice, not necessarily that
of the ASF or my employer.

While DataStax objecting to this proposal will potentially block the incubation of a project
based on the Titan codebase at the ASF, it will not prevent the same thing from happening
elsewhere (i.e. outside the ASF). I think the Titan community would love to see this project
come to the ASF. I see a strong community behind it that is more than capable of maintaining
a fork of the project outside the auspices of the ASF.

DataStax has a close relationship with the ASF for obvious reasons. I know you are a member
of the DataStax legal team, but has DataStax leadership considered the implications of this
response from a public relations perspective as well as an ASF community perspective? The
ASF holds communities in the highest regard. This action seems counter to that tenet, and
would also seem to counter DataStax’ support of the ASF. Again, these are not legal arguments,
so I would hope that you would forward my sentiments on to the folks at DataStax who are concerned
with the DataStax Corporate Image.

This is a potential opportunity for DataStax to reaffirm its commitment to Open Source Software,
as well the ASF and the communities it serves.


> On Sep 29, 2016, at 7:56 PM, Jason Anderson <> wrote:
> Hello - my name is Jason Anderson with the DataStax legal group.  On behalf
> of DataStax, I wanted to clarify any potential confusion regarding the
> DataStax position on Titan.  As several posts here have explained, DataStax
> owns the copyright and trademark rights to Titan.  DataStax does not
> approve of and objects to the proposed forking of Titan into Olympian or
> any other ASF project.  DataStax is evaluating the path forward for the
> Titan project and considering the various go-forward licensing options.
> Titan may or may not stay ASL 2.0 licensed as there may be potentially
> broader benefits to the community with GPL or A-GPL.  At this time, we do
> not have a timetable on these decisions but will provide more details to
> the community when possible.
> Jason

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