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From Alex Harui <>
Subject Re: Radical proposal: no initial list of committers
Date Tue, 27 Sep 2016 16:04:22 GMT

On 9/27/16, 8:38 AM, " on behalf of Greg Chase"
< on behalf of> wrote:

>In Apache Geode, we are trying to be liberal about bringing in new
>committers. Anyone who shows an interest, and a series of well formatted
>pull requests that follow are code guidelines are pretty quickly nominated
>to become committers.
>This would make it very easy for emeritus contributors to become active
>again, as well as new diverse community members.

To me, it didn't seem right that if you had proven you could contribute
good code before the code was moved to Apache but weren't on the initial
list that you had to go through the "series of pull requests" gauntlet and
then a 72 hour vote in order to get your commit bit.  I think that's why
we grind so much on the initial list: if you are not on it, lots of folks
want you to "re-earn" your merit inside the ASF.  The quick-add path might
still take 72 hours for a vote, but at least you don't need to wait for a
series of pull requests to be accepted, while some other person who did
make the list can just start committing.

Since there can be a culling of the list at graduation time, there is
little risk to streamlining the commit bit for folks the community already
knows from before.  All that person has to is actually show up with
something to commit and an ICLA, then there should be a vote where folks
say "oh yeah, that person has been a productive contributor" and then that
person gets an account and can commit their change.


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