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From Steve Blackmon <>
Subject [VOTE] Release Apache Streams version 0.3-incubating
Date Wed, 28 Sep 2016 17:06:00 GMT
This is the third incubator release for Apache Streams, with the
artifacts being versioned as 0.3-incubating. All issues raised during
PPMC voting have been addressed.

We are requesting two additional IPMC member votes, as we have
received 1 binding IPMC +1 vote during the release voting on streams-dev.



IPMC member votes from the streams-dev list:
Ate Douma: +1

The following artifacts are up for a vote:

incubator-streams-master source tag (r0.3-incubating):;a=commit;h=4a148fc84ce688165f85f9813ebd46ceda73b5e4

incubator-streams source tag (r0.3-incubating):;a=commit;h=bf17cfcba3a4f22a40592d9fbe0ecb47d6cfd58e

incubator-streams-examples source tag (r0.3-incubating):;a=commit;h=3e91ab1da036f6e6b3e0ea2fd38519770018198f

Maven staging repo:

Source releases:

The source zip artifacts, including signatures, digests, etc. can be found at:

Checksums of
MD5: 28b5f6b973195b93b8728d2e1734e25a
SHA1: 89c24bdaae4d4f0ad699d9fe5f4749bde1eae953

Checksums of
MD5: 066031e9d68d00b271ed4085f5203976
SHA1: 046a46bab61f995a88ff138dc182099c6d9a14f1

Checksums of
MD5: 1a67d67fa1548ffb614bd1ad93141f96
SHA1: 7e059149915c648033514eb981137fa35e8a645d

Release artifacts are signed with the following key:

Please take the time to verify the artifacts before casting your vote.

Vote open for 72 hours.

[ ] +1 approve
[ ] +0 no opinion
[ ] -1 disapprove (and reason why)


These repositories must be built in the right order: first
streams-master, then streams-project, finally streams-examples, all

           mvn clean install test verify

MAVEN_OPTS should set the java heap to at least 2G for best results.

Please use the latest version of JDK 1.7.0 or JDK 1.8.0 as earlier
versions may encounter issues running the verify phase on certain


Apache Streams (incubating) unifies a diverse world of digital
profiles and online activities into common formats and vocabularies,
and makes these datasets accessible across a variety of databases,
devices, and platforms for streaming, browsing, search, sharing, and
analytics use-cases.

The project aims to provide simple two-way data interchange with all
popular REST APIs in activity streams formats using a universal
protocol. Streams compatibility with multiple storage back-ends and
ability to be embedded within any java-based real-time or batch data
processing platform ensures that its interoperability features come
with little technical baggage.

Steve Blackmon

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